• 7inch

Velodrome b/w Spring's Theme

  • Cat No: BCR123lp
  • 2023-04-24


7inch ---- JPY

当店でも人気のメルボルンのダウンテンポ・シネマティック・ジャズファンク・バンドSURPRISE CHEFが遂に〈BIG CROWN〉と契約し、10/14に 移籍後初のアルバムをリリース予定です!こちらは先行シングルカットです。祝!

ジャズ、ヒップホップ、ソウルのファンキーなブレンドに、デヴィッド・アクセルロッドの影を加えたような、彼ら独自のサウンド。ヘビーなドラムブレイクと耳に残るシンセサイザーラインで始まるA面「Velodrome」、ギターとパーカッションの阿吽、妖しくシンセやヴィブラフォンの鳴るムーディーなシーンから後半はベースとドラムの骨太ビートへ展開するB面「Spring's Theme」と、バンドの実力を紹介する名刺のような一枚。 (AYAM)

Big Crown is proud to present the first 7” offering from Surprise Chef, the newest band signed to the label. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, these guys caught our ear with their unique sound and approach. They are something of a funky blend of Jazz, Hip Hop, and Soul with a shade of David Axelrod which all comes out their own. These two tunes on this 45 are a taste of what is to come. The A side “Velodrome” starts out with a heavy drum break and an earworm synth line guaranteed to have you humming it long after the song is over. The intro gives way to beautiful and tasteful arrangements showing their music prowess as well as their ear for restraint. The B side “Spring’s Theme” is a gorgeous and moody instrumental ballad that starts out with guitar that plays cat & mouse with the percussion until they decide to give the drummer some. Again, they run through arrangements that link together like chapters in a book taking the listener through a myriad of energies that all fit together to make this a quick favorite here at HQ.

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