• EP

A Garden Inside

  • Cat No: ZEN04
  • 2023-01-21


EP2790 JPY

〈Music From Memory〉からリリースしたAlex Hoと、〈Let's Play House〉主宰のNicholas Mercerが共同でスタートしたL.A.発のレーベル〈ZEN 2000〉のニューリリース。韓国ソウルのMogwaa。

同郷のPeggy GOUも自身のレーベルGudu Recordsからフックアップしたソウルのポスト・ニューディスコ、レフトフィールドダンスの要Mogwaaの新作です。富豪リズム。エレクトロニック、バレアリック、エレクトロ、DJ PYTHONあたりにも接近するようなイマジナリー・サイケデリック、ニューエイジ感もあるような7曲。 (サイトウ)

For its fourth release, Zen 2000 scales up from the 45 format and releases its first 12-inch, which, coming in at seven tracks (eight with the digital-only bonus) is either a double-wide EP or an LP in everything but name.

The artist behind it is Mogwaa, a South Korean producer who's built a reputation on meticulous and clean-lined melodies and sharp, glistening drums. Sometimes we find him in the club, slinking through dubby bass wobbles, flittering across breaks, and sometimes we find him in a grassy park, sprawled atop a soft ambient bed. No matter where he is, the trademark voicing is always present.

Here, on A Garden Within, we get equal helpings of both: the A-side is the chill-out room, spacey drifters that pulse through the cosmos and wiggle through underwater currents.

The flip is clubbier fare, with “Rejas” being a nod to electro sounds and “Tranquilizer” being a trippy bit of trance. Bookending the journey is “Melting,” an iceberg slowly cracking and falling into the ocean. “Con Fe” is an encore of sorts; it feels like a reconstituting of “Melting,” the reforming of that track's languid dissolution.

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