• 12inch

Get On A Plane / You're Just Yourself

  • Cat No: BOTM-002
  • 2022-12-02


12inch2150 JPY

ドイツ産、ブギー、レアディスコのスペシャリスト "Boogie On The Mainline" から、1980年にアルバム一枚を残しているオッフェンバッハ・アム・マインのバンド Upstairsの2曲を12インチカット。

アップテンポなAOR「Get On A Plane」は、アルバムとは別バージョンのExtened Mixで収録。B-SIDEは、「 Boogie On The Mainline – A Collection Of Rare Disco, Funk And Boogie From Germany 1980-1987 」にも収録された「You’re Just Yourself」。

The second release on Boogie on the Mainline Records is a strictly limited disco 12" with two songs by Upstairs from 1980.

Side A features an exceptional track from their highly sought-after album “It’s Hard To Get In The Showbiz” called “Get On A Plane”. The song is still totally under the radar in the collector’s scene and serves us with a smooth uptempo Disco Funk groove, a super mellow AOR vibe and a catchy chorus! The exclusive 12" mix has an extended ending to give you more of the final “Copa Cabana” chorus.

The flip side contains the instant classic “You’re Just Yourself”, a track which could already be found on the “Boogie on the Mainline” double vinyl compilation. Giving it more space, power and loudness on 45 rpm with a new master we hope this perfect soulful tune will get even more spins in this “audiophile” edition.

Please note that the 12" is released alongside a 7" reissue with two incredible Island Boogie tunes from 1982 by Experience, an Afro Roots Rock Reggae group hailing from Germany.

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