• 12inch

vitara 3000

  • Cat No: OATH008
  • 2023-11-18


12inch ---- JPY

Seb WildbloodのOathからのEP「vitara 3000」。デンマーク、オーフスシーンのCentralのリミックスを収録しています。

10年代のネクスト・ジェネレーションの象徴的なレーベルの一つだった〈Chruch〉を運営しながらリリースをしてきたSeb Wildbloodが、イスタンブールの〈Oath〉から12インチリリース。ブレイクビート、レイヴ、プログレッシヴを下敷きにしながら、ジャケットのアートワークにも通じる、自然、太古の神秘と、バーチャルな世界感が表現されたような。疾走する開放感、ハイエナジーなサイケデリック。A2「floor science」、B1のEPタイトル曲「vitara 3000」のオリジナル3曲。 REGARBAU、CENTRALの不思議なリズムの感覚、素晴らしいリミックスを提供しています。 (サイトウ)

Seb Wildblood kicks off the year with his ‘vitara 3000’ EP, a dispatch loaded with three atmospheric cuts which seamlessly dive between sounds of nostalgia, broken beat, and euphoric melodies. The three-tracker via Istanbul-based Oath is his first release since dropping his warmly-received sophomore LP ‘do you feel it too?’ on all my thoughts.

‘This EP was born out of having the first solid space to be creative in since moving to LA from London. There’s a call and response element to the record via vitara 3000, which refers back to my last album ‘do you feel it too?’ that came out in May via the vocal sample. I see my catalog/discography in phases, and for me, this EP reflects the final few chapters of the sound and energy I’ve been exploring over the last 18 months or so.’ – Seb Wildblood.

‘floor science’ is the first to drop listeners into Seb’s kaleidoscopic soundscape, indulging ears with a scintillating, high-energy cut that’s inspired by tech house of the noughties. The title track ‘vitara 3000’ trips into a blissful place, where the question posed by Seb’s second LP is answered in the euphoric flight of the vocal, literally calling out, “I can feel!” New studio space and a grab for new studio gear gave creative steam to ‘re-location.zip’, a track that radiates with new beginnings from the elevating chords to the skittering synths and soaring vocals.

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