• 7inch
  • Digital

Bumpers (lim vinyl + Inlay)

  • Cat No: POLLY001
  • Release: 2023-04-21
  • 2023-05-25


7inch 2990 JPY

ハンブルグの名所Golden Pudel ClubのスタッフPaul SpeckmannのEP。ユニーク・ブレイクビート。「Okinawa Drive」。ストックしました。FOUR TETとか好きな人も念のためチェックお願いいたします。

オルタナティヴなクラブ・カルチャーが根付くハンブルグの名所Golden Pudel Club、そしてハンブルクのクラブやアートシーンに深く関わるメンバーたちによって結成されたという〈Polly Records〉の第1弾。Golden Pudel Clubの住人Speckman。〈Stones Throw〉からデビューしたSofie Royerとのスプリットで〈Public Possesion〉からリリースしたりもしています。 変拍子にカットアップしたブレイクビート、ギターのループ、電子音。LOW-FIでユニークなダンスチューンで最高。ミュータントなグルーヴが生まれています。B-SIDEは、フリーキーなヴォーカル、レーシングカー・ドップラー・サウンドなどがコラージュされたアウトローなエレクトロ。Golden Pudel Club周辺らしい一枚。PVCスリーヴの7インチ。デジタル・ダウンロードも取り扱っております。 (サイトウ)

Track List

>> 16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Polly Records, the new Hamburg based music imprint kicks of with a 2 Track 7'' record added by 3 digital jams called "Bumpers". On this release, producer Speckman captures a part of his 2020 outlet, which includes a heavy UK influence, driven sound-textures as well as fast and shaking beats. At some point it might feel like you would touch the power supply with wet fingers. The producer and Golden Pudel Club resident Speckman also happens to be a member and co-founder of the Polly Records Crew. Accompanied by his fellows and partners Natalie Andruszkiewicz and Malte von der Lancken, who both are heavily involved in the Hamburg club and art scene, they built the group behind the promissing new label. Andruszkiewicz, graphic-designer and artist, known for her exquisite and unique style in colors, forms and typography evolved in a surrounding of bands and musicians, her talent and high demand led into works such as Booklets, Party-Flyers and Album-Covers for bands like Aroma or Pool. Malte von der Lancken, does bookings for the highly reputed club Uebel & Gefährlich and is responsible for tons of great parties that clearly pushed the landscape of electronic dance music around the city of Hamburg since years.

With forced powers the trio is now setting up Polly Records, a label that is willing to push boundaries and provide a platform to artists that really try to outbreak specific genres or styles, visually and audio vise. Aware of a long-lasting tradition of great hamburg based institutions such as Smallville Records, Dial or the Golden Pudel Club, Polly will certainly continue that road but perhaps in another vehicle for example a sportscar with butterfly doors.

After Speckman's "Bumpers" EP which is going to be released in late summer, the label wants to introduce another hamburg based talent, that been kept hidden for too long. Stay tuned.

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