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Amsterdam w/ DJ Tennis Remix

  • Cat No: LAD071
  • Release: 2023-06-02
  • 2024-06-16


12inch 2390 JPY

Life and Deathから、ブラジル、サンバや地中海サウンドのエッセンス。DJ Tennisのリミックス収録です。

Red Axesや、Carlitaも合流、ポスト・ディスコ、レフトフィールドなサイケデリックダンス人気を集めるDJ TennisとThugfuckerのfレーベル〈Life and Death〉から、シチリアのミュージシャンLuigi OrofinoのデビューシングルAmsterdam。Erlend Øyeとのコラボレーションの常連であるLa Comitivaをフィーチャーしています。La ComitivaとI Calafatariのメンバーが、Lucio Aquilina(NuGenea)とLuigi Scialdone(Fitness Forever)と意気投合し、歌詞はAlberto Locatelliと一緒に書き上げられた。DJ Tennisによるリミックスも収録! (サイトウ)

Track List

>> 16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Sicilian musician Luigi Orofino delivers his debut single Amsterdam for Life and Death records, due for release on 19th May. The song features regular Erlend Øye collaborators La Comitiva, and comes together with a dancefloor friendly remix by DJ Tennis.
Amsterdam might sound effortless, but the laid-back groove and easy atmosphere that Luigi has conjured up isn’t something you can just pluck out of thin air. It’s taken everyone involved several years of playing together to get just the right marinade of Brazilian rhythm and Mediterranean musicianship. It’s a flavor they’ve mastered while on the road with Erlend Øye as La Comitiva, and their touring schedule has become a way of life. When the travel ban was finally lifted, Luigi headed straight to his friends in Amsterdam, and that freedom to travel once more inspired this song. That trip put the color back into life, and the result was this timeless slice of sunny samba rock.
The song has many collaborators, all operating under the gentle guidance of Luigi. Players from La Comitiva and I Calafatari gelled in the studio, also accompanied by Lucio Aquilina (NuGenea) and Luigi Scialdone (Fitness Forever), while the lyrics were written together with Alberto Locatelli. A breezy piece of Brazilian-tinged funk and easy soul, Amsterdam is more than the sum of its parts - it’s the sound of friends playing together and simply enjoying life.
The single is topped off with a remix by Life and Death chief Manfredi Romano aka DJ Tennis, who boosts the kicks while keeping the loose samba magic. The pair met in Mexico, and the kindred spirits immediately hit it off. After bouncing versions back and forth between Siracusa and also a studio in Paris, the final version was realized, full of floaty Rhodes chords and cavaquinho thrills that will lighten any dance.
It’s a testament to Amsterdam’s catchiness that many of Luigi’s friends are involved - the song is reflected in the people it brings together, and in this sense, it’s as much about the art of encounters as it is about the city.

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