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Otro Mundo

  • Cat No: BAMBE004
  • 2024-01-13


12inch ---- JPY

Bambounou主宰のレーベル〈Bambe〉のニューリリース。 Kangding Rayのレーベル〈ara〉や、〈Sure Thing〉からのリリースなどで注目されたミュンヘン在住のプロデューサーLindsey WangのプロジェクトPolygoniaの12インチ。推薦。

ポリフォニーやミニマル、対位法にインスパイアされているような「声」を使った冒頭の「Otro Mundo」はリズミックなビート、ベースラインでダンスグルーヴを保ちつつ、「歌」、エレクトロニックが描くマジカルな世界、彼女の才気溢れる曲。アフリカン、トライバルなリズムとデジタルな電子音で構成された「Mind Alteration」、ポリリズミック・テクノ、ダンスフロアとヒプノティック、プログレッシヴなサイエンスと神聖さが交錯しています。注目。 (サイトウ)

Munich based producer Polygonia presents 'Otro Mundo'. An exciting pack of extraordinary sonic pieces driven by intense rhythms with a strong focus on sound design and colorful harmonies. Next to her intriguing Grey Area works on this record, she also weaves two four to the floor productions into this collection, all featuring complex works on the drums and juicy sound aesthetics.
The story begins with 'Otro Mundo,' as Polygonia extends a harmonious and melancholic invitation, blending her own layered vocals with organic dubby beats, creating a captivating otherworldly atmosphere. Throughout the EP, Polygonia's distinct percussion and inventive sound design shine brightly. 'Mind Alteration' and 'Implosion Of The Known' lead the listener through mesmerizing groove-scapes, elevating perception to new heights. As the EP unfolds, 'Never Have I Seen...' offers a metaphysical experience, unveiling unknown marvels through rhythmic shifts.
The record comes with an impressive sleeve designed by Dimitri Erhard, representing the window to the other world. Released on Bambounou's Bambe label.

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