• 2LP (予約)


  • Cat No: FT062
  • 2023-10-10


2LP 6050 JPY

Superabundance is back with Extrasolar, the new 2x12” hot wax album on Future Times. The duo of Jackson Ryland (Peach Discs, Fixed Rhythms, Rush Plus) and FT honcho Max D follow up 2021’s self-titled debut LP with a hyperfunk techno gallop, hurtling further out from where they began. Extrasolar’s tracks all burst into existence, produced in a quick, sometimes entirely improvised nature.

Cuts like “Sizable Jackfruit”, “20 Spectrum” and “Tempopalace” show off brash bursts of swinging loopy DJ creation, while “Reset” oscillates between cliff-hanging and solid ground time changes and “Crossfade Diving” slides thru wet streets with a paranoid step.

On tracks like “Perplexion”, “Dex Holo”, and closer “Goth Hi Tek”, the duo paints new shades of their sound, getting into a twist on synthpop, soundworlds and Cure progressions.“Perplexion” enters smudged shoegazing territory, smearing percussion in the mix with soaring chords.

“Particle Busters” repurposes industrial junk into soundsystem punk machinery. “We XL”, a rave slammer featuring one of DC’s best, Nativesun (Black Rave Culture) is for booming warehouses only. “Big Deal” breaks out the sliced funk and melted data. TIP!

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