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Rosa Rugosa EP

  • Cat No: HES045DD2
  • Release: 2023-10-17


Digital 690 JPY

BEN UFOセレクトの"Melodies Record Club 002"でもフックされたOlof Dreijer aka Oni Ayhunが〈Hessle Audio〉からシングル・リリースになります。マジカルなサイケデリック・ダンス。「Rosa Rugosa」。24bit/44.1kHz。

Track List

24bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Olof Dreijer signals a return to the dancefloor with the 'Rosa Rugosa EP’, presented via UK label Hessle Audio. Lead track ‘Rosa Rugosa’ combines dreamy vibes and rubbery sounds with Olof's signature ear-worm synthlines, sitting comfortably alongside the label's extensive catalogue with a bassline that tears and splinters on the verge of breaking apart. Picked by Pitchfork as their ‘Best New Track’, it’s found its way into the tracklists of some of the most respected and adventurous DJs throughout the Summer.

Complementing the title track, ‘Camelia’ dials up the emotional intensity with gliding leads soaring throughout the breakdown while 'Cassia' completes the EP with painterly splashes of colourful pads and gentle hand claps keeping the pulse. From his club focused work as Oni Ayhun, to his membership of the Swedish electronic pop group The Knife, Olof's music has always found ways to expand our ideas of what's possible in both instrumental electronic and pop music production, with an approach that is as inclusive and colourful as it is experimental.

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