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  • 2024-02-28


2LP+DL 5790 JPY

BASIC CHANNEL以降テクノ、ダブの先鋭性を牽引してきたモーリッツ・フォン・オズワルドが、同じくベルリンでテクノの歴史を積み重ねてきたクラブTRESORのレーベル〈Tresor Records〉から、初となるアルバムをリリース。「Silencio」。初回は、即完売となっていたアナログ、再ストックできました。

JUAN ATKINSとのBorderland「Transport」(2016)、キルギス共和国の民間伝承を受け継ぐ民俗音楽グループOrdo Sakhnaとのアルバム(2017)以来となるアルバム。アルバム先行の曲でも伺えたように、「ヴァレーズ、リゲティ、クセナキスのアンサンブル作品からインスピレーションを得て」いて、合唱隊をフィーチャリングした声楽の曲もあり、ダンスミュージックを完全に離れた電子音楽、現代音楽/実験音楽的なアプローチになっている。RHYTHM & SOUNDの時と同様に、レゲエのシングルのB-SIDEのインストやダブを意味する呼び名に愉楽ぃする(VERSION)4つの曲の VERSIONも収録されています。 (サイトウ)

Track List

What are the differences and similarities between human and artificial sound, between oscillations generated by vocal cords and synthesizer voices, voltage amplified by speakers? On Silencio, his latest album for Tresor Records, Moritz von Oswald works with a 16-voice choir to explore this concept.
Drawing from the ensemble works of long-standing inspirations Edgard Varèse, György Ligeti and Iannis Xenakis, von Oswald and Vocalconsort Berlin delve into the space between sounds, creating a deeply textured collection that shifts between light & ethereal and dark & dissonant.
As masterfully demonstrated in the early work of von Oswald and Mark Ernestus’ influential Basic Channel project, repetition and reduction are key elements here, much in the tradition of techno and minimalism. The vast dynamism of the human voice adds to the profound weight of electronics while offering up a rhythmic source and sonic noise palette unexplored in von Oswald’s repertoire. In Silencio, von Oswald dredges a dank murk, pulling clouds over a distant pulse. It hangs, ready to take on new forms.
The compositions were written in von Oswald’s Berlin studio on classic synthesizers, such as the EMS VCS3 & AKS, Prophet V, Oberheim 4-Voice and the Moog Model 15. These abstract recordings were transcribed to sheet music for choir by Berlin-based Finnish composer and pianist, Jarkko Riihimäki and performed by Vocalconsort Berlin in Ölberg church in the city’s Kreuzberg district, only few metres down the road from where Dubplates & Mastering and Hard Wax opened their doors for music enthusiasts for many years so long. The recordings of the choral versions were then incorporated into the synthesized parts of the album and brought into anew electronic context; in Silencio, the focus is not on using one means to imitate the other, but to sonically discuss the tensions and harmonies between the two worlds and create a dialogue between them.
The relationship between von Oswald and Tresor Records goes back thirty years, all the way to Blake Baxter’s Dream Sequence in 1991 - which von Oswald engineered alongside Thomas Fehlmann. The collaboration with Fehlmann lived on, seeing the duo team up as 3MB with Eddie Fowlkes or Juan Atkins. More recently, the Detroit-Berlin connection continued as Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland.
For von Oswald, Tresor Records and also the participating guest musicians of the choir, this release brings together audiences from other musical areas, cross-pollinating; Silencio is an album that stands for itself beyond the musical genre boundaries.

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