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Catching Wild Pt1

  • Cat No: AUS194PT1
  • 2024-05-31


12inch Excl 2590 JPY

ジャンル、ダンスミュージックに捉われない良質なリリース、展開を見せるFactaとのレーベル〈Wisdon Teeth〉も好調のK-Loneが〈Aus Music〉から12インチリリース。

ポストUKG、テック・ハウス、IDM。初期のHERBERTのような、シカゴやUK 90s、UK GARAGEなどのハウスミュージックの魅力、エッセンスと、エレクトロニックのサイエンスをミックスして、ベースライン、時間感覚のマジック、ユニークなスタイルを築いています。「Catching Wild Pt1」4曲。いいですね。 (サイトウ)

Wisdom Teeth co-founder K-Lone is dropping two EPs on Aus Music: the first instalment nods to UKG and house flavours, landing mid-May, while the second offers a deeper, broken techno vibe, arriving in late June. 'Give It Up' opens Part 1 with a bubbly rhythm and bassline that percolates through the woody, organic percussion. Lush pads and neon lines swirl skyward to silky and seductive effect as various other samples and daubs of colour bring the groove to life. The heady 'Wait 4 U' is a textbook K-Lone house cut with low swinging bass, sultry sax stabs and molten R&B samples that get the juices going next to warm, diffused synth lines.

On the flip, 'What I Want' ups the pace but keeps it deep and smooth with rubbery kicks and gooey bass overlaid with soft-edged chord stabs that will pump the floor. Lastly, 'Own Way' closes down with a tumbling bassline that takes you deeper as muted vocal sounds and glowing chords hook you into an infectious groove suited to the most intimate dancefloors.

UK trailblazer K-Lone heads up the label Wisdom Teeth with fellow producer Facta and has released everything from club-primed garage to innovative home listening records. Whether cooking up kinetic beats and bouncy bass or soundtracking a lazy summer's afternoon with synthesised bird calls and lush marimbas, the London-bred artist is a proven studio wizard. Critical acclaim has come for both his ‘Swells’ and ‘Cape Cira’ albums, and now his ‘Catching Wild’ EPs for Aus Music offer yet another portal into the colourful world of his idiosyncratic, signature sound.

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