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Spuren & Gegenworte

  • Cat No: SNS-26
  • 2024-05-19


CD 2000 JPY

NHK'KoyxeиことKohei Matsunagaと、フランクフルトの音楽家、RLWことRalf Wehowskyのコラヴォレーション。捩れた電子音の二つの軸の絡み、攻めき合い、同調の軌道から始まる。エンターテイメント。今回はKOHEIくん本人持ち込みなので2000円ぽっきりです。

Sensational、Merzbow 、Maika Vanioから、DJ Nobuまでさまざまなコラヴォレーションも行ってきたNHK、Kohei Matsunagaと、Kevin DrummやAndrew Chalkとの活動し、Achim Wollscheidと共にレーベル〈Selektion〉を展開している、フランクフルトの実験音楽家、RLWことRalf WEHOWSKYとの共作。アートワークはKohei画伯。 (サイトウ)

“Spuren & Gegenworte” began with a quasi-telepathic collaboration between KM and RW. Both recorded a track on May 3, 2021, from 8:00 PM to 8:10 PM. These recordings were subsequently transformed, combined, juxtaposed, and further modified over the course of several months, resulting in the completion of the four pieces on the CD.
“Spuren & Gegenworte” can be translated as “traces & antonyms”, opening up a wide range of interpretations. “Traces” may refer to the remnants of the original sounds that have been transformed in the process of reworking, or it can symbolize the cultural and musical influences that can be discerned. “Antonyms” oscillates between contrasting/contradictory and complementary meanings. Of course, other interpretations are also possible.
The 4 titles are indicated as Japanese terms on the cover: 痕跡、対立、変動、補完. They stand for the themes of traces, confrontation, fluctuation, completion.
Kohei Matsunaga is a musician and illustrator, born in Osaka in 1978. He has been actively making music since 1992, with notable releases on labels such as Raster Noton, Wordsound, Mille Plateaux, Important Records and PAN. He has collaborated with many artists, including Mika Vainio, Sean Booth from Autechre, Conrad Schnitzler, Merzbow and Asmus Tietchens. He lives in Osaka and Berlin.

Ralf Wehowsky is one of the most respected electronic composers of our day and was also a founder member of the seminal German group P16.D4 and label Selektion whose ground-breaking releases influenced many working in today’s experimental music scene. His work is split between solo releases (under the moniker RLW) and collaborations, exploring all fields between media exchange and realtime presence recordings. His music is impossible to pigeonhole into one simple bracket. It is neither industrial or musique concrete, nor computer music nor improvisation. In fact, it could be all of these.

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