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  • Cat No: sgr007
  • 2024-05-31


12inch 3350 JPY

イタリアのレーベルStolen Goods Recordsから、Ruff StuffとRogue DによるB2Bシリーズ第1弾に続く、B2Bシリーズ第2弾。BawrutとLele Sacchi。イタリアを拠点に活躍している二人。レイヴ、アシッド、中東音楽の香りも読み取れるようなリズムの音楽でもあります。

SIDE-Aは、Bawrut、音楽、アート、カルチャーにスポットしたオンラインメデイア、〈The Ranspm Note〉のレーベルからリリース、〈Life And Death〉や〈Kompakt〉にもフックされた才人。 JBななどのゔぉいすやドラムのブレイクのサンプルと、オールドスクールなレイヴィーなリフのアシッドトラック。ユニークでクレイジーなパーティーチューン。B-SIDEは、〈Soul Clap〉、〈Rebirth〉、〈Internasjonal〉ナドナド多岐に活躍してきたLele Sacchi。Stolen Goods Recordsの中心的一人です。WILD PITCHスタイルも彷彿させるドープなベースラインのパーティーチューン。 (サイトウ)

For the second release of the Back to Back series of Stolen Goods goes for two stables of the scene: label manager and old school pillar of the Italian scene Lele Sacchi and Italo Spanish beat master Bawrut.
After B2B1 saw the funky deep sound of Rogue D feat Joe Le Groove and the raw house grooves of Ruff Stuff got played by Laurent Garnier on his show and by peeps like Jamie Jones and Oliver Dollar in their sets and chosen by Beatport in most of their weekend picks here we are ready for two bangers for clubbing prime time! Bawrut's fame goes a long way back to in the best of Europe's crossover of electronic dancefloor music and indie and urban flavours. An album on Ransome Note, hits for Life & Death, Correspondant and tracks supported by Dixon, Jennifer Cardini, Ricardo Villalobos Sven Bath and playing B2B with Kink and Skream in festival and clubs like Sonar, Nuits Sonores, Fabric, Sub Club, Nitsa, etc. and now this massive hands in the hair, goosebumps in the back monster of retro future rave piece of music!
Lele Sacchi is known to have an ear for bangers having been behind the decks all over the world for nearly 30 years, so whenever and with various aliases he turns into producer is quite normal to find his music out on labels like Snatch, Soul Clap, Nervous, Internasjonal, Crosstown Rebels, Pokerflat, Rebirth and more and more classic underground dance stables. This time he keeps his know funkier deep groove but adds a kille stab in the breakdown to represent a vein of peaktime monster attitude.
Again a message 'From Clubbers to Clubbers' as we love to say here at Stolen Goods records.

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