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SAVANT Artificial Dance

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RVNG INTL.から素晴らしい再発!ソロ作品がコンパイルされたK. LEIMERのプロジェクトSAVANTの幻の音源を含むコンピレーション!

RVNG INTL.からまたしてもすごい再発!83年の「The Neo-Realist (At Risk)」を自主で残しているK. LEIMERのプロジェクトSAVANT。DAVID BYRNE, THIS HEATやJOHN CAGEの影響を伺わせるようなアヴァント・パンク・COLD FUNK!!ARTHUR RUSSELLやJON HEASSELL好きにもおすすめ!! (サイトウ)

RVNG delves much deeper into the Kerry Leimer archive for a most compelling collection of works the Seattle based musician released under the Savant banner during the rich 1980s period. Calling on a cast of local musicians, Leimer created Savant as an 'artificial band' if you will, using the project as an outlet to explore a wilder style of music to the loop-based minimalism he was focusing on in solitude. Some 14 tracks deep, Artificial Dance is a most compelling listen, with a series of odd percussive sketches and strange new age compositions that will leave a similar impression as the Byrne-Eno classic My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts.



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