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WE RELEASE WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANTからMOGGIのサントラの再発に続いて72年の驚異のシンセサイザー・サウンド!

ミニマルからワールド・ミュージックまでリリースするスイスの名門MENTAL GROOVE主宰のOLIVERと、THE GENEVAN HEATHEN/VILLA MAGICA RECORDSのSTÉPHANE ARMLEDERが運営するサウンドトラックを中心にマニアックな再発をしている〈WE RELEASE WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT RECORDS〉の新作!マナ・マナでお馴染みのピエロ・ウミリアーニの電子音楽にスポットした再発。TVプロクラム用のサントラ。ユニーク電子音!こういうのプレイされる瞬間もあって楽しいと思います。傑作。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Roma Amor (2:34)sample
A2.Eliogabalus (2:33)sample
A3.Delenda Cartago (2:10)sample
A4.Bucolica (3:35)sample
A5.Bucina (2:25)sample
A6.Neronis Cetra (2:06)sample
B1.Roma Opulenta (3:17)sample
B2.Cicero Pro Domo Sua (2:47)sample
B3.Veni, Vidi, Vici (2:02)sample
B4.Si Vis Pacem (2:39)sample
B5.Para Bellum (2:05)sample
B6.Musici (1:34)sample
B7.Miles Gloriosus (1:42)sample

From Piero Umiliani, legendary soundtrack composer for numerous Italian movies of the 60s and 70s, and the man behind ?Mah n? Mah n?? (Muppet Show, Benny Hill, Sesame Street), the Omnicron label ("sound library? works) and the Sound Work Shop recording studio. - For fans of experimental music, avant-garde, synth experimentations, Ennio Morricone, Riz Ortolani, Giallo movies, Mondo movies, soft erotica, and wonderfully weird stuff. - The album is fully remastered for new levels of enjoyment. We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records is thrilled to announce the vinyl re-release of sought-after experimental gem Il Mondo Dei Romani by soundtrack and avant-garde maestro Piero Umiliani, remastered straight from the original reels and available for the first time since 1972! Originally recorded for a TV documentary about ancient Rome and released on Omnicron (Umiliani?s label), Il Mondo Dei Romani finds Piero Umiliani experimenting with electronic instruments (his ?oscillators") to offer a fascinating rendition of what synthesizer-based avant-garde ancient Roman music would sound like - a weird and extremely hypnotizing retro-futuristic experience where faux cithara, lyre, organ, and trumpet sounds are driven by proto-techno sequences and minimalist rhythms. This brilliant electronic oddity is the perfect companion to WRWTFWW?s previous Piero Umiliani release, Tra scienza e fantascienza, and is a limited edition of 500 orange vinyl LPs (no digital).



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