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VARIOUS Aor Global Sounds Vol.3 (1976-1985, Selected By Charles Maurice)

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グローバルなレア・ディスコ/ブギーの再発でも定評のあるフランス・パリのFAVORITE Recordingsから レーベル主のCharles Maurice監修のAOR、西海岸サウンドにインスパイアされたレア/オブスキュアなコンピレーション第3弾! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. JEFF SILNA - It's Always Something With You
A2. STRATUS - Girl
A3. 7 DAYS UNLIMITED - Dirt (In The Sky)
B1. WILLY SANTANA - Mais Uma Chance
B2. FUNKY TEAM - It's About Time
B3. JAMES D. HALL - I Wanna Get Into You
B4. GEORGE NASIF - Don't Let The Devil
C1. OMEGA SUNRISE - Heartbreaker
C2. STEVE TURNER - Harbor Place
C3. BILLY ALWAYS - More Than A Minute
D1. STACEY - Keeps Me Hangin On
D3. OUT OF THE FOG - Heart To Heart
D4. JON KONTEAU - The Heckler

Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice proudly present the 3rd edition of their acclaimed AOR Global Sounds compilations series. Another brilliant selection of 14 rare and hidden tracks, produced between 1976 and 1985 in various parts of the world.

On AOR Global Sounds Vol.3, DJ and producer Charles Maurice delivers again a fine overview of the AOR and WestCoast influences for many artists in the late 70s and early 80s. Even more than on previous volumes, he selected highly forgotten productions, deeply infused with Disco and Soul flavors.

Many of these great gems were naturally produced through all the USA, often made by artists with a very short career and as private press. For example, Jeff Silna only recorded this amazing song after winning the competition of a long gone Miami radio station, the Stratus project started around 1974 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and was a band led by Bob Ackley who only released this 7” single in 1976 after recording a full album and doing a few gigs around Michigan, John Kontol (Jon Konteau), however having credits for a few productions and appearances and still acting as a musician, never released another LP after his heartbreaking experience with Erect Records, that never rewarded him for his work and even change his name against his consent, as for “Dirt (In The Sky” by 7 Days Unlimited, whose both members were from Pittsburgh area, where a lot of dirt was literally flying in the air, the song was released in 1980 on a very limited 500 copies 7” single.

But this kind of stories and waste of talent is not solely and American privilege, from Willy Santana (member of Placa Luminosa) in Brazil, and Funky Team in Sweden, to Stacey and Out Of The Fog in Canada, this 3rd edition proves again if necessary the international scope and fervor of this music scene, and the surprising amount of great music that go unnoticed at that time.

Fully remastered from originals, with great attention to sound quality as always, AOR Global Sounds Vol.3 (1976-1985, selected by Charles Maurice) is presented by Favorite Recordings in a gatefold vinyl double LP.



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