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国内外問わず活躍する作曲家/打楽器奏者の高田みどり参加のMKWAJU ENSEMBLEが、1981年に〈BETTER DAYS 〉より発表した「樹・モーション」がついに初の公式アナログリイシュー!今尚色褪せることのない日本ミニマル・アートの至宝。

ジャパニーズアンビエント/ミニマルミュージックアーティスト高田みどり。彼女の「ミニマリズム、アフリカのリズム的伝統、アンビエントミュージックへの追求」の出発点となった作品と言われている「Ki-motion」が、深町純「Nicole」や清水靖晃「案山子」再発も手がけた〈WRWTFWW〉から公式復刻。 村上ポンタ秀一等参加、千野秀一プロデュースの今作は、高田みどり自身の作曲作品も2曲収録されており、オリジナルはお目にかかることすら困難な一枚となってます。レア盤どうこう抜きにして、触れることでしかわからないこの作品の持つ瞑想的音響の美しさ、マリンバ、ビブラフォン、バンブー・パーカッション、シンセサイザーの創造性と超越性の融合に触れることができる嬉しい機会、ぜひトラックリストからも! (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1Wood Dancesample
B1Angwora Stepssample
B2Hot Airsample
B3Zindo Zindosample

Beautiful 1 LP Edition with 350g cardboard old Stoughton tip-on sleeve, Sticker - MKWAJU ensemble's highly sought-after album reissued on vinyl for the first time since 1981. Also available on CD. - 33 rpm LP mastercut by Emil Berliner from original tapes! WRWTFWW Records is over the moon to announce the official reissue of legendary album KI-Motion by Japanese percussionist Midori Takada's MKWAJU ensemble, sourced from the original masters and available in two versions: a vinyl LP cut at Emil Berliner Studios and housed in 350g old Stoughton tip-on sleeve, and a digipak CD. A highly creative and transcendental fusion of marimba, vibraphone, bamboo percussion and synthesizers, KI-Motion was recorded in 1981 and captures the birth of Midori Takada's exploration of minimalism, African rhythmic tradition, and ambient music. The album takes its conceptual inspiration from the tamarind ( 'mkwaju' in Swahili), a drought resistant tree notably used to craft some of the first mallets and marimbas but also known for its culinary and medical uses, an essential symbol of life and identity for the Central African grasslands. Drawing from the region's culture and music as well as the crucial notion that rhythms represent the very fabric of life, Midori Takada leads her ensemble into environmental heaven to create one of the highlights of her recording career and an absolute must-have from the golden age of Japanese ambient…the ideal companion to her majestic Through The Looking Glass opus!



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