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ALVIN LUCIER Illuminated By The Moon

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今年盛り上がった来日公演でも即完売、以降入手困難な状況が続いておりました、US実験音楽/電子音楽巨匠レジェンドAlvin Lucier(アルヴィン・ルシエ)爺の歴史を振り返る85歳の誕生日を記念したスペシャル・ボックスセットが、Oren Ambarchによる名レーベルBlack Truffleより入魂の限定500部復刻。180g重量盤4枚組LP+120ページ・アートブック+CDナンバリング入りデラックスボックスセット。

今年の来日公演でも買えなかった方が続出した”アルヴィンルシエ・ヒストリー限定ボックスセット”が念願の復刻。newtoneにも入荷いたしました!!!トラックリストからもぜひともどうぞ。 (コンピューマ)

▼ Tracklisting

LP 1 Side A
I Am Sitting in a Room (1970) for voice and electromagnetic tape / Alvin Lucier, performer / Hauke Harder, sample
assistant. 18:20 min
LP 1 Side B
Music for Solo Performer (1965) for enormously ampli ed brain sample
waves and percussion / Alvin Lucier, brain waves / Hauke Harder and Daniel Wolf, assistants. 24:06 min
LP 2 Side A
Charles Curtis (2002) for cello sample
with slow sweep pure wave oscillators / Charles Curtis, cello. 13:40 min
LP 2 Side B
Double Rainbow (2016) for voice and slow sweep pure wave oscillator / Joan La Barbara, voice. (world
premiere) 12:08 min
Nothing is Real (Strawberry Fields Forever) (1990) for piano, ampli ed teapot, tape recorder, and miniature
sound system / Johannes Herrmann, piano. 8:21 min
LP 3 Side A
Braid (2012) for alto ute, clarinet, English horn, and string quartet / Felix Profos, conductor / Patrycja sample
Pakiela, alto ute / Soraya Dos Santos, clarinet / Megumi Nakajima, English horn / Nora Peterhans and Cécile
Vonderwahl, violin / Tabea Frei, viola / Nadja Reich, cello. (European premiere) 16:00 min
LP 3 Side B
Two Circles (2012) for flute, B-flat clarinet, violin, cello, and piano / Felix Profos, conductor / Patrycja sample
Pakiela, ute / Soraya Dos Santos, clari- net / Nora Peterhans, violin / Nadja Reich, cello / Lora-Evelin Vakova,
piano. 17:52 min
LP 4 Side A
Hanover (2015) for violin, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, three banjos (three e-guitars), piano, and bowed sample
vibraphone / e Ever Present Orchestra: Lars Mlekusch, conductor / Rebecca ies, violin / Charles Ng, alto
saxophone / Joan Jordi Oliver Arcos, tenor saxo- phone / Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, Gary Schmalzl,
electric guitar / Felix Profos, piano / Anthony Burr, bowed vibraphone. (European premiere) 18:06 min
LP 4 Side B
Step, Slide and Sustain (2014) for horn in F, cello, and piano / Retro Disco: Samuel Stoll, horn / Moritz sample
Muellen- bach, cello / Simone Keller, piano. (world premiere) 14:55 min
One Arm Bandits (2016) for four cellos / Charles Curtis, TJ Borden, Judith Hamann, Reynard Rott, cello. 60:09 sample



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