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JOE CLEEN Feeling cute dunno might delete later EP

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STRIP STEVE主宰のベルリンの〈JAZZ CABBAGE〉から中心的アーチストの一人JOE CLEEN。 GLENN ASTRO(sample3)のリミックスも収録です。

〈BOYSNOIZE〉からのリリースでもお馴染みのSTRIP STEVE主宰、KONDO DAISUKEもリリース、俗語でWEEDを意味したりもする〈JAZZ CABBAGE〉を名前にしたレーベル第5弾!この人もかなり独特。天才肌。クレイジー。 GLENN ASTROもヘンな世界。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Show Me Your Dimensionsample
A2.And This Issample
B1.We Needsample
B2.We Need (Glenn Astro Remix)sample

Joe Cleen is back with his second EP, following the vibe of his previous one, providing mesmerizing anthems like Show me your Dimension & And this is that have the undeniable spark to bring everyone together on the dancefloor.

We need on the flip is one of those rainy days house best friends…
That track you listen to on repeat in the train on the way back from that amazing night in the club.

We're of course extremely proud to have the Don, Glenn Astro, give his touch of playful deepness & Detroit grittiness to it to make the package full as you're used to from Jazz Cabbage



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