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EDDIE FOWLKES Techno Soul Vol.2

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デトロイトのリビング・レジェンドEDDIE 'FLASHIN' FOWLKES。

オールドスクールないなたさが愛おしいデトロイト、ベテランEDDIE FOWLKESの新作。Techno Soul Vol.2。モータシティーROUTE 88は、不思議な魅力、LIL LOUIS の「I Called U (Why'd U Fall)」のオマージュ的なフレーズがおとずれ、卒倒。かっこいい! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Route 88 (6:29)sample
B1.Pass The Butter (5:48)sample

Eddie Fowlkes is back on his Detroit Wax label with more forthright jams that show off his distinctive approach to techno. As one of the originators of the sound, it's only logical he knows how to do this stuff properly. "Route 88" is a seductive, muscular piece with bold lead lines and a constant, driving rhythm section, while "Pass The Butter" takes a deeper route without losing the finely balanced and rich arrangement approach that his sound is built on. This is fully realised, classily executed Motor City machine soul from a man who helped define the culture.



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