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9TH HOUSE Keeping Me Up

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BALTRAをフィーチャリングした「Feel It In The Evening 」で〈W&O STREET TRACKS〉からデビューした9TH HOUSE。スタンプラベルの12インチ。入荷しました。オールドスクールバイブな最高な一枚!

〈PFEIFFER〉やJAMIE JONESの〈HOT CREATIONS〉やDJ HAUSの〈HOT HAUS〉からもリリース予定の9TH HOUSE.〈W&O STREET TRACKS〉絡みのホワイト盤。アナログオンリー。レッドのスタンプ・ラベル。確保できました。CASSIO WAREっぽい誰のヴォーカルなんでしょうか。トラックもじっくり良い。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Keeping Me Up
B.The Calm Of Libra

Already making waves with a series of releases and remixes for labels such as Hottrax, True
Romance, We Are The Brave, Nice Age, art | werk, and forthcoming music on DJ Haus’ Hot Haus
label, 9th House brings his astrologically charged house to this special vinyl only release.

‘Keeping Me Up’ emits huge rays of sunshine, with its piano driven house chops and soulful vocal
licks. It’s of no surprise, then, that the likes of Midland, Dan Shake, Peach and William Djoko are
already playing and supporting this one. On the flip, ‘The Calm Of Libra’ channels early 90s
break-beat house, coming over like a modernized Nu Groove track, the aficionados will appreciate the musical sentiments here for sure!



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