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4AM Passion

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カルト90s。PPUファンにも推薦の個性派シンガーとアメイジング・シンセサイザーのインディペンデント・ハウス、シンセポップ。スエーデンのナイス・レーベルMUTUAL INTENTIONSからのLP再発に続いて〈EMOTIONAL RESCUE〉から「Passion」。7インチ再発。

イギリスの知られざるプロト・ハウスなシンセポップ、カルトな一枚だった4AMの1990年のプライベートプレスなアルバム、先日MUTUAL INTENTIONSからLPが再発されましたが、その中の名曲「Passion」と「The Man I Feel」を〈EMOTIONAL RESCUE〉が7インチカット。セカンド・サマー・オブ・ラブが訪ずれたイギリスで、デビットシルヴィアンのJAPANやOMD、またECMジャズあたりを愛していたSteve KirbyとKevin FinchがTR-808を手にして製作した魅惑のサウンド! (サイトウ)

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B.The Man I Feelsample

Emotional Rescue again delves in the world of private pressings, with a reissue of British electronic pop meets proto-House duo 4AM. With copies of their self titled album now highly sought after, this timely reissue presents two of their songs as a stand alone 7".

Consisting of multi-instrumentalist Steve Kirby - piano, guitar, bass, programming - and vocalist Kevin Finch, 4AM came together after youths filled with a love of music. Following a string of band attempts, Steve dived in to the world of midi, allowing him to build a studio set up and play solo. A meeting with new work colleague Kevin quickly developed to joining forces to expand on his early demos.

Their melodic, dance-influenced pop draws on a love of Japan, OMD and The The, but also ECM jazz and a touch of "white boy soul". The TR-808 drum and hi-hats, string stabs and random acid squelches - although no TR-303 was used - highlights the influence the nascent House sounds emanating from the "second summer of love" of 1988 / 89 had in their music melting pot.

Over this, personal lyrics flow, full of honest emotions and a touch of youthful naivety thrown in - of relationships, love, sex and passions. Intended as a personal artifact, the original album was released in 1990 with no promotion or live shows and has taken until now, some 30 years, to find a cult audience. I want you with a Passion.



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