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MR. STIFF Freehanded Woman EP

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ほとんど情報のない、メキシコの〈BIRTHPORTAL〉第1弾のDAN STANに続いてこの第2弾もかなり良いです。アナログな感触、ミニマルなサンプルのループで展開していく絶妙なトラック。はハードウェア、アシッディーな曲もあり、音響、マジカルな時間感覚のサイケデリックディープハウス。今回も推します! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Freehanded Womansample
A2.The Brave That Staysample
B1.Tools To Subduesample
B2.Dignity Sold Separatelysample

birthportal presents its second release featuring tracks from Mr. Stiff.

Look deep into your chonchousness, textures and intricate rhythms coalesce within the essential realms of possibility. As imminent rigidness prevails over the mass psyche, those who understand to meld with the motion of experience reciprocate the most invariably. As we proceed we discover austere, perhaps absurdist, levels of techno funk and minimal jamage.



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