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疾走感のあるアシッドラインと電脳サイケなヴォイスチョップ。WATA IGARASHI、GUNNAR HASLAMと良作が続いている〈THE BUNKER NEW YORK〉新作!DJ CENTRAL, SPORTSのレーベル〈HELP〉や〈CGI〉からもリリースするLOVE LETTERSが覚醒系テクノ/アシッドハウスを披露。

天使の囁きのようなミステリアスなヴォイスサンプルが80sオールドシカゴのマシンビートに息を吹きかける「Let Let」(sample2)、弾性シンセサイザーがビートの周りを旋回する「CMB」(sample3)などフロアに映えるピークタイムトラックス。手数多いリズミカルパーカッション、重低ベースがメロディックに交わる「CAST OFF」も試聴には選べませんでしたがクール。トラックリストからも是非! (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

1.ervito 95sample
2.Let Letsample
3.Cast Offsample

How emotional can you get on a dance floor? Love Letters - Cast Off is part of our decades-long exploration of this question. A stunningly confident four track EP that harnesses the power of deep rave with twisted up vocals, acid lines and techniques drawn from the best of classic house topology storming propulsively into the future.

Love Letters is NY-based designer and musician Maxime Robillard whose creative process for both design and music often begins from the same consideration of function, “What is the use, what is the environment. How do I want people to move through or move to the sounds? Movement is integral to my creative process.” Robillard goes on to share the particular story behind this EP: “This EP was made after a major accident in my life. Two of the tracks were made with both arms in a cast, and in a way this can be listened to as a love letter to my connection with this kind of music, with the community I have found on the dance floor, and with particular sounds. It acts as a document of my gratitude that after the accident I am alive and well and can still enjoy the music and world that I’ve dedicated so much of myself to.”



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