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JOE Get Centred

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〈CÓMEME〉から〈HESSLE AUDIO〉でお馴染みJOEの新作が到着しました。ミニマル、変拍子のリズムのユニークさ。アフリカン、〈CÓMEME〉っぽさもばっちり出ている最高なEP。推薦!

〈HESSLE AUDIO〉や〈Hemlock Recordings〉、FOUR TETの〈TEXT〉からリリースを重ねてきたBASS/DUBSTEP以降のイギリスのシーンの重要プロデューサーJOEが、MATIAS AGUAYO主宰のCÓMEMEからニューリリース!ユニークなリズムの感覚で旋回するエレクトロニック・ミニマル+アフリカン・ベース。推薦!! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Get Centredsample
B1.Line to earthsample
B2.Rio Leasample

After an intrepid new phase in the label’s history - initiated by the “Solidarity Forever” series and followed by releases from Katerina, Mujaji The Rain, Gladkazuka and also Matias Aguayo’s “Support Alien Invasion” (w/ “Crammed Discs”) - Cómeme is happy to announce a new release by a wonderful and unique artist, who chooses to walk adventurous paths beyond nowadays musical normativity, and media spectacle: JOE.
(You might already be acquainted with his releases on the ever - exciting “Hessle Audio” label) On his first EP on Cómeme, JOE invites us to “Get Centred” via fresh sounds, perfect beats, and unusual time signatures – difficult to play, and easy to dance!

New rhythms inspire new dances and new ideas, and already at the very first bars you realize that this record can be both a joyfully twisted dance floor work out as also beautiful listening experience - with its shifting arpeggios and trippy crescendos. Reminiscent of minimalist milestones it crosses the artificial barriers between body, mind and soul, satisfying those in need of getting centred, in times of accelerated alienation...

Triplets are back and here to stay! Such as in this percussive creature Joe unleashes onto the festive crowd. This very catchy jam is clever and intense drum programming at its best, with its swirling toms that seem to float in the air. We feel them activating different body parts for futuristic popping, whereas the relentless boogie rhythm that lays the foundation for this track gives us material to twist our legs in sync to the beat.

Joe closes this EP with “Rio Lea” - an elegantly swinging jam that smoothly and slowly builds up to a melodic meditation. Its many decorative elements seem all - necessary to make this work and are always falling rightly into place. You can imagine this a perfect fit for a long drink on a spacecraft, watching meteorites pass by, as we are sure it will also work in a bus on headphones late at night, watching the rain rolling down the windows...



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