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DESMOND COKE Let's Chase The Sun

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89年のイギリス産シンセサイザー+レゲエ・ギター・ポップ、ユニークな一枚が〈EMOTIONAL RESCUE〉から再発!ON-U人脈のキーボディスト、シンガー、マルチミュージシャンDesmond 'fingers' Coke。

DUB SYDICATEやCREATION REBELやMARK STEWART + MAFFIAで活躍したキーボディストFATFINGERSことDESMOND COKEの唯一のソロ・アルバムから6曲をセレクトしたミニアルバム。チョッパーベース、ソリッドなリズムとなんとも絶妙にゆるいデスモンドのキャラクター、コーク・アディクトな世界観が最高なB1「Let's Make A Love Child」や、GARACE JONESな「I Need Somebody」、名曲「Let's Chase The Sun」などON-U周辺の仲間たち、彼の姉妹に、エイドリアン・シャーウッドやレゲエ評論家のSteve Barkerも参加した89年のなんとも魅惑の曲たちです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Let's Chase The Sunsample
A2.Automatically You & Me
A3.I Need Somebodysample
B1.Let's Make A Love Childsample
B2.A Natural Love
B3.Mesmerise A Friend

Singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Desmond Coke’s supremely rare, privately pressed, lo-fi, synth-soul fusion, Let’s Chase The Sun is represented here in edited form. Painstakingly remastered from the original tapes, this self taught pianist, drummer and sax player condensed his musical experiences and dreams in to an opus on love and togetherness.

Desmond Coke alias ‘Fatfingers’ – named by fellow musicians due to improvisation and interpretation skills – began playing keyboards by ear at 15 and went on to a music career playing with the likes of Alton Ellis, Prince Fari, Barrington Levy, Dillinger, Don Cherry and Shara Nelson, as well as a gamut of the On-U Sound label’s projects, including Creation Rebel, Dub Syndicate, Singers & Players and Mark Stewart + Maffia.

With an interest in reggae, dub, jazz, soul, meringue, gospel and garage, his sole album was a true fusion to create a brand new sound. Composed, arranged and produced by Coke, he worked with an array of seasoned musicians, including his own sisters Winifred (percussion / vocals) and Paulette Coke (percussion / DX-7 & M1 synthesisers).

Pressed on his own Saterlite Entertainments in 1989, Coke describes the album’s purpose, “to get the message across to have focus, ambition, to dream and ‘chase the sun’. That relationships are important, ‘I need somebody’ and naturally the chemistry is ‘you and me’. Great relationships are about friendships and that it’s ok to ‘mesmerise a friend’. The most natural thing is to enjoy each other’s company and to ‘make a love child’. These good intentions and meanings, where love is the key.” Some thirty years later Desmond’s thoughts are as resonant today as then – Let’s Chase The Sun.



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