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ベタ踏み8連符ビートとギターハウリングで攻撃する実験インダストリアルテクノから、シャウトとビートがセッションするダンサブルなロウテクノまで!アートと音楽のポストモダンプロジェクト”LIBER NULL BERLIN”主催者UNHUMANと、JUSTIN VAN DER VOLGENとの”TBD”でお馴染みAN-IことLEE DOUGLASのコラボレーション!

〈L.I.E.S.〉の新作は、主宰RON MORELLIやLOVEFINGERSとも共作を出すLEE DOUGLASと、〈INSTRUMENTS OF DISCIPLINE 〉や〈GOOILAND ELEKTRO〉などエクスペリメンタルラインに多くの作品を残すUNHUMANの共作EP!決め打ちフルスロットルビートが圧倒する「Five To Nine」(sample1)。どこかエキゾ感もあるリズム裁きが印象深いレフトフィールドなダンスチューン「Entschuldigung」(sample2)が最高。ポストパンクなヴォーカルも良い。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Five To Ninesample
A2.Hate Thy Neighborsample

Doug Lee returns to the label under his AN-I moniker, this time collaborating with prolific Greek producer Unhuman on a new four track ep. This is what happens when you take all the right elements of techno, punk and industrial music and smash them together; a fucked up and devastating hybrid of blistering modern electronics. Heavy, but not stark by any means, Lee channels his inner Liasions with his vocal performace through the record. Most notably this is heard on the cut Entschuldigung, snotty laughs and scattered barks accent the stuttered drums and ms-20 feedback; Lee bringing it all together in a sarcastic funked up fashion. Five to Nine sees both producers complimenting each other expertly, clocking in with the most "dancefloor" cut on the ep...a twisted five minutes of screaming psychedelic dance that reaches an epic anti-climax of sorts. A true hit for those who know how to use it right, not to be missed.



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