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DEKMANTELから、ミュージカルなハウス、ダンスミュージック。STUMP VALLEYのアルバム。冒頭ではWayne Snowのヴォーカルもフィーチャーしています、

〈NO 'LABEL'〉からデビュー、JUJU & JORDASHの〈OFF MINOR RECORDINGS〉や〈UZURI〉、〈DOPENESS GALORE〉からもリリースしたSTUMP VALLEYがDEKMANTELからダブルパック、アルバムリリース!ソウルやファンクの生のグルーヴのエッセンスを持ちながら、LARRY HEARDなんかの伝統を受け継ぐエレクトロニック、シンセサイザー・サウンドの鮮やかさと、ユニークさで魅せる。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

a1.Natural Race (Ft. Wayne Snow)sample
a2.Marimbamba Isle De Joiesample
b1.Magnifico Notturnosample
b2.Barrilete Cosmicosample
c1.Proletarians In Spacesample
c2.Zoo Planet Xsample
d1.Ritmo Atomicosample

Stump Valley now pop up on Dekmantel. The committed Berlin based studio outfit head into new areas after their previous work on Uzuri, Off Minor, Dopeness Galore and No 'Label ( that already had them jumping around styles and influences).

The label say "Stylistic, enigmatic, and effortless. Stump Valley’s Dekmantel debut EP is a smooth melange of glossy soul, jazz, and serene house. Produced by the mysterious, and ultimately under-the-radar duo, the extended EP breezes through tropes of balearic analogue, warm Chicago sounds, yet remaining ultimately Italian. The duo, originally from Turin, prove their skills as true alchemists, as their forge hypnotic house and tropical flare through their array of drum machines, synths, and informed artistry derived from their deep stockpile of assorted records.

Debuting they may be, but the Italian duo are no strangers to Dekmantel, having played at Dekmantel Festival, Selectors, and Lente Kabinet. Having released groove tracks across a whole spectrum of labels, Stump Valley’s reputation even precedes them. Throughout the EP, their sound echoes that of Prins Thomas, Larry Heard, and other select funk-driven Italian live producers that are making waves in the current scene. It’s a sound that’s permanently upbeat, radiant, and filled with joy.

Berlin based vocalist and Max Graef collaborator Wayne Snow collaborates on vocal opener 'Natural Race', creating a slow groove, and funk-driven tempo. The music then veers into equatorial territory, as the duos' uses of classic 707 and LinnDrum sounds evoke a sense of sunset grooves; the sound of Theo Parrish slowly winding through an Adriatic cocktail party. Further on and 'Proletarians In Space' reflects the producers' more Detroit-like influences, with oscillating machine music. 'Zoo Planet X' takes the sound further, with dubby pads, and old-school kicks and hats, that transport the Turin-based artists across the Atlantic with their out-of-time sonic aesthetic."



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