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RISING SUN The Lamentations Of Rising

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RISING SUNの2016年リリースのアルバムがアナログ再プレス。オールドスクール。じっくりいいです。ディテールも素晴らしい。

REAL SOONからのでニュー以降KRISTOFFERSON KRISTOFFERSON,FAUXPAS MUSIKを拠点にリリースを重ねるRISING SUNことSTEFFEN LASCHINSKIの2016年のアルバム「The Lamentations Of Rising」がスリーヴカラーも新たにアナログ・再リリース。ブレイクビート、IDM、ディープハウス、オールド・スクール、LARRYHEARDのスピリットえを受け継ぐようなアンビエント、ディープハウス。フロアはもちろん、じっくり聴き込めるアルバムで、良いレスポンスの多かった一枚だそうです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Light And The Darksample
A2.Entrance (Live)sample
A4.Parade (Version A)sample
B1.You Loosesample
B2.Parade (Version F)sample
B3.Brighter Daysample
C1.I Feel This Waysample
C2.R e m i xsample
C3.Hold The Linesample
D1.A Pathsample
D2.In My Mindsample

Rising Sun is the production alias of Steffen Laschinski, a producer and multiple record label curator from Berlin. Since discovering his music last year we’ve become enchanted by his productions and record label Kristofferson Kristofferson and he managed the Labels Styrax and Millions Of Moments. The name, the project ‚Rising Sun’ and the music was inspired by the music of Tetrode Music, Damon Lamar and Specter have been the initiation in the end of 2007. The reserved deep house music that reminds of Larry Heard or early 90’s String House, but is not really a style of its own, all that and the experienced influences of Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Detroit Techno, Ambient and Deep House, are all influential to my music. More crossover than one specific style. The music itself is the sketchy attempt to detain moments that haven’t been planned, so it’s a statement that I can foresee in any way, even though the open up of a track is always the same, almost like a ritual. The character is to capture and convert the music of rising sun.



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