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STEVEN WARWICK aka HEATSICKが〈PAN〉からリリースしたアルバム。これ相当かっこいいので是非チェックを。ストックしました。

ロンドン出身、ベルリンCockTail d'Amore等でのカシオトーンを使ったパフォーマンスが話題を呼び、〈PAN〉からもHEATSICKとしてリリースを重ねたのち、HEATSICKの名義とカシオトーンを手放し、それ以降はミックステープスタイルの作品とDJ MIX、インスタレーション等を重ねてきたSTEVEN WARWICKが、(フィジカルな作品としては)久々の沈黙を破り本人名義で初のアルバムをリリース。言葉遊び、韻文的なヴォーカル、ラップ、ヘヴィーなベースとデトロイトのゲットーベースや近年注目されてきたアフリカン・ベースにもつじるような、エレクトロから発展した不思議なサウンド。多層なリズム、多層な音響、ステレオ・ギミック、そして言葉で時間の進行や空間の感覚を麻痺させていくような中毒性の高いユニークサウンド&個性。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Open Fire Hydrant sample
A2. Cold Light Of Day sample
A3. Kind Of Blue sample
A4. Salvation
A5. Kaleidoscope sample
B1. Over There
B2. Consolatio
B3. Danke
B4. Rush
B5. Silhouette

“MOI” is the fearless new full length album by artist and musician Steven Warwick. The record signals a more upbeat reprise following the previous, reflective release “Nadir”. “MOI”, the first physical release under his own name ( having previously recorded under the Heatsick monicker), is a journey considering interior worlds and personal architecture, as found in early spiritual narratives. Recorded in Berlin, the FUGA residency space in Zaragoza and and on location in New York, Warwick’s sonic vocabulary is further expanded with intense frenetic rhythms, prismatic melodies and resonant vocals.

Like the dopamine rush of contemporary life, “MOI” is a sonic roller coaster with a scream -if-you-wanna-go-faster urgency ; “Open Fire Hydrant” bursts out like a pressure valve spiralling onto the dancefloor, while Kaleidoscope offers cheeky anecdotes as told on a ride home soundtracked by a garage beat.

MOI is a spectrum both emotionally and musically, embedded with an underlying spirituality wrestling with existential dread, as witnessed in “Over There”, “Salvation”, “Kind of Blue” or the icy digital pulse of “Cold Light of Day”. “Danke” featuring guest vocals from visual artist Josephine Pryde offers a slightly gothic feel, albeit of the architectural variety, while the purgatorial transmissions of “Consolatio”, bring a moment of respite. “Rush” is a sensuous percussive workout before concluding on the rampaging seductive house track “Silhouette”.

“Do you know who I am? Because I don’t!”

The album is mastered by Jeremy Cox, featuring cover photography by Ilya Lipkin, and layout by Bill Kouligas and Johannes Schnatmann



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