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〈APOLLO〉を拠点にリリースを重ねてきたGACHA BAKRADZEのアンビエント・ブレイクビート、OBJEKTやA MADE UP SOUND等からも絶賛の声が寄せられる〈HOROOM〉からのEP「Extensions」。

東欧ジョージア出身、R&Sのサブレーベル〈APOLLO〉を拠点に、〈SPACE HARDWARE〉や〈TRANSFIGURED TIME〉等からもリリース足てきたGACHA BAKRADZE。複雑に織りなすブレイクビート、アブストラクトでブリスフルな音像のディープ・エレクトロ。OBJEKT、PEACH、VOILETやA MADE UP SOUND、IRON CURTIS等も絶賛のフィードバックを寄せています。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Elevate sample
A2. Toulouse sample
B1. Employee sample
B2. Refer sample

Warmly welcoming Gacha Bakradze on Horoom, we share the work of a Georgian artist that has gained international recognition in the past years. Opening with "Elevate" the track stays true to its name: elevating melodies guiding through a jungle of beats. In a time where harder is better, Gacha Bakradze elegantly suggests a more minimalistic approach to the sound of electronic music. While "Toulouse" blends darker streams with aquatic hope, "Employee" enjoys a big drop in the middle, just to continue on a more melodic note. Well crafted music through and through, this EP combines the flavours of different genres without bending them.



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