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EDDIE LOGIX Placebo Palace

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デトロイトの<ROCKSTEADY DISCO>に新たな刺客、モーターシティでキャリア15年にわたり活動してきたビートメイカー・EDDIE LOGIXが初参戦!

個性派才人PIG PENとのアンビエント〜エレクトロニカデュオ・MEGA POWERSでの活動や、才人・BLAIR FRENCHとのユニット・BLKSHRKの片腕としてマニュピレートしてきたデトロイトのビートメイカー・EDDIE LOGIXによる単独ソロシングル!普段の彼のビート音楽の志向性とは違うダンスフロア・モードを開放、オーガニックなラテン〜カーニバルなハウストラック”Que Locos”(sample1)や”Sunday Palaver”、ピッチシフト変調させたマジェスティックなヴォーカル・ブギー”Baby Girl”(sample2)、ラストのウェスタンブルース調のビートダウン”Bottle Rocket”(sample3)など、抜けのいいフリースタイルなグルーヴ満載、4トラック。

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Que Locossample
A2.Baby Girlsample
B1.Sunday Palaversample
B2.Bottle Rocketsample

Rocksteady Disco's newest recruit is Eddie Logix. He's been at the heart of the Detroit underground for over 15 years, most recently with his Technically Yeah live hardware nights, a grip of ambient and hip-hop releases, engineering for Assemble Sound. He’s one half of left-field funk-hop duo Mega Powers with Pig Pen, and of BLKSHRK alongside Blair French, who first appeared on Rocksteady Disco back in 2016 on ...For Todd.

Placebo Palace is Eddie's first solo dance EP, combining all of this experience into a diverse offering for discerning dance floors. The EP leads with “Que Locos”, a tropical house banger driven by brass and Latin-Jazz piano. “Baby Girl” rounds out the A side, with a dusty R&B vocal sample coupled with a massive and unexpected bassline. The B side is darker and deeper, starting with the frantic Afro-Jazz-Deep House “Sunday Palaver”. Closing the EP is “Bottle Rocket”, a psychedelic surf rock-tinged disco-not-disco chugger, with live guitar by Daniel Monk and electric bass by stphn-b. More forward thinking music from Detroit via Rocksteady Disco!



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