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MAN JUMPING Jumpcuts 1: Khidja Remixes

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KHIDJAリミックス!STEVE REICHとも競演したジャズ・アンサンブル”MAN JUMPING”が84年にリリースしたアルバム「JUMPCUT」からのリミックスシングル!原曲の繊細なパーカッション&メロディの多幸感を抽出、巧みなBPM操作でスローモー・バレアリックに仕上げた名品、推薦!

ジャズからシンセポップを横断する類ないニューウェイヴ・エレクトロで世界から賞賛を得た伝説的バンド”MAN JUMPING”のファーストアルバム、この度〈EMOTIONAL RESCUE〉がアルバム再発に併せてリミックスシングルも放出、これが本当に素晴らしいです。ユーフォリックなホーンリフやパーカッションの波を生かしながら、BPMを80まで下げた「Walk On, Bye」(sample1)。原曲の疾走感をダイレクトに取り出し、厚みのあるベースでうねりをつけた「Down The Locale (Khidja Remix)」(sample2)。SOUND VOYAGEやBILLY COBHAMなど、数多のリミックスワークで実力を見せてきたKHIDJA、これは震える。 (Akie)

To accompany the reissue of Man Jumping's Jumpcut album, Emotional Rescue offers 2 remix EPs that showcase the band's music with versions by contemporary producers.

Starting with stalwarts and friends in duo Khidja, it's not often you can put together a reissue that modern day wunder producers have requested, however, that is precisely what occurred. Badgering over several years about their love of Man Jumping and how they should be revered, when the call came that the reissue was happening, Khidja were the first names down.

After breaking through on sister label [Emotional] Especial way back in 2013, the pair have gone on to much acclaim with releases for Malka Tuti, Hivern Discs and DFA to name (drop) a few.

Handed the tapes, their love of Man Jumping's virtuoso playing is evident in these amazing remixes. Walk On, Bye takes its Reich meets Pop aspirations and drifting across 9 minutes of laidback but bass heavy rhythms, intricacies of clarinet, sax and trumpet are stretched and fused to repetition perfection.

Following, Down The Locale's jazz roots is developed, recast and updated, extenuating the bass, while piano and vocals interplay over scattered, skipping drums to become a latter day 'contemporary dance' odyssey.



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