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VARIOUS Techniques. A Techno-Pop Selection from the USA: 1982-1990

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シンセウェイヴ、EBM、オブスキュアな再発、発掘をしているポーランドの〈MECANICA〉から80s USアンダーグラウンド。

日本の80sアンダーグラウンドの驚異のコンピレーション「Nihon No Wave」や、group Aのアナログ・リリース、世界各地のオブスキュア80sインダストリアル、EBM、シンセポップのマニアックな発掘で好事家を唸らせるポーランドの〈MECANICA〉から、「A Techno-Pop Selection from the USA: 1982-1990」。相当コアに追っていないと名前すら聞いたことのないような最深部のレア、マニアック、魅惑の音源。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. HYSTERICA PASSIO  -  Grey Over Life sample
A2. HYSTERICA PASSIO  -  Alone sample
A3. CINEMA 90  -  In Ultra-Violet sample
A4. CINEMA 90  -  At Nine (Live) sample
B1. HIDDEN AGENDA  -  Life At The Top sample
B2. HIDDEN AGENDA  -  Moving Pictures sample
B3. A METHOD OF DANCE  -  Generic White (Air-Wave Version) sample
B4. A METHOD OF DANCE  -  Strange Quotes sample
C1. FRIENDS OF THE MAID  -  Love Turn Around sample
C2. FRIENDS OF THE MAID  -  Waiting For A Chance sample
C3. DOPPLER EFFECT  -  Four Day Romance sample
C4. DOPPLER EFFECT  -  Stations Of The Cross sample
D1. SCHNEEBEZEN  -  Can’t Remain A Friend (Dance Version) sample
D2. SCHNEEBEZEN  -  Treasure (Dance Version) sample
D3. É VENT  -  Sequin (Remix) sample
D4. É VENT  -  Icepick sample

An exquisite and meticulous selection of underground “techno-pop” bands that emerged during the 80’s in the United States. Each one of these acts is considered a cult, although several even only edited an EP or one single, a demo tape or just appeared on compilations. A total of sixteen songs from eight bands. Some classic hits together with rare or even unreleased tracks. A compilation that will help many to discover a slightly explored side of alternative electronic pop music from America. Limited edition of 500 copies on gatefold sleeve.



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