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<RHYTHM SECTION INTERNATIONAL>からの作品で知られるメルボルンのニューソウル〜R&Bアンサンブル「30/70 COLLECTIVE」のドラムス・ZIGGY ZEITGEIST率いるトリオ・プロジェクト・ZEITGEIST FREEDOM ENERGY EXCHANGEによるセカンドアルバムが、インド出身の気鋭ビートメイカー・JITWAMの主宰レーベル<THE JAZZ DIARIES>からリリース!

<ANALOGUE ATTIC>や<KEN OATH>からのソロワークも高評なベース奏者・MATTHEW HAYES、さまざまなバンドのサポートをこなすキーボーディスト・LEWIS MOODYの3人を中心に、女性フルート奏者・ERICA TUCCERIやラテン・パーカッショニスト・JAVIER FREDESら敏腕ジャズプレイヤーらも参加し完成させたニューアルバム!当レーベルのフロントマンであるJITWAMをフィーチャリングしスピリチュアルなブラックネスな領域に踏み込んだ”Still Swag feat. Jitwam”(sample1)をはじめ、NO WAY BACKライクな極太なクラヴィネットと天にも昇るシンセサイザーがリードするアンサンブルも見事な”Rendezvous”(sample2)や、コズミックなインプロヴァイズド・グルーブの渦からフュージョニックにファンクしていく展開の”River Run Deep”(sample3)も最高!メルボルン発のニュースクールなジャズシーンの豊饒さを感じさせる全6トラック、MILDLIFEやCRO-MAGNONあたりのファンにもレコメンド。

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Candy Flipsample
A3.Still Swag ft Jitwamsample
B1.Logan's Runsample
B2.Mas O Menossample
B3.River Run Deepsample

Headed up by drummer Ziggy Zeitgeist, a staple of the Australian music scene, most prominently touring and recording with Melbourne Nu-Soul/ future-jazz collective ‘30/70’. Ziggy’s music has already been championed across the breadth of the jazz and dance world, with support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Kamaal Williams, Byron the Aquarius and Alexander Nut just to name a few.

Growing up in Australia, with no real club culture in sight, Ziggy’s formative years were at the ‘bush doof’ - an outback rave where speakers were driven to remote lands and dance music would blast from the wee hours in the morning to the wee hours at night. This is what Ziggy describes as the playground of Australian Electronic Music.

“This is our culture of electronic music. It’s about exploring the spectrum of consciousness and a connection with ourselves, one another and the land.”

Z*F*E*X is the synthesis of dance music in human form. A live band experience humanising the extended DJ set. Heavily influenced by club culture and transcendent psychedelic experiences - Z*F*E*X is a continuous odyssey of sound, where synths intertwine with flutes, jazz drums are played with the raw energy of classic broken beat records, and natures call and response is mimicked in musical form.

From the bubbling, syncopated, exuberance of opening track “Candy Flip”, through to the hypnotic, twilight introspection of “Still Swag” (wherein the band are joined by label founder Jitwam), the LP provides a mesmerising, continually evolving sonic landscape. The driving, bossanova-infused percussion of ”Rendezvous” and “Mas O Menos”, meet the insatiable, rhythmic currents of “Logan's Run” and “River Run Deep,” allowing the band to show the full extent of their impeccable musicianship across the album.

“Music is the method of tapping to the eternal source.. the moment, the sacred place we break out of these divisions of the mind and we realise the oneness that abounds us.”

Utilising the spirit of live improvisation, Z*F*E*X reaches to the furthest echelon’s of the human mind to create dance music with a cosmic pocket. Recorded in Melbourne with Lewis Moody on keys, Erica Tucceri on woodwinds, Matthew Hayes on bass, and Javier Fredes on percussion - the recording sessions were an exploration into sound... an exploration into the zeitgeist... jazz music that isn’t jazz, electronic dance music that isn’t electronic.



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