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V2A Rodarte Ep

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〈ESP INSTITUTE〉や〈OFFEN MUSIC〉からリリースしているBLACK MERLINとのプロジェクトKARAMIKAやGERHARD MICHELとのMUSICCARGO等でヂュッセルドルフをベースに90年代からアンダーグラウンドシーンで活躍しているGordon PohlのニュープロジェクトV2A。スローダンス。

〈THE TRILOGY TAPES〉からのミックステープや〈EFFICIENT SPACE〉からのコンピレーション「Sky Girl」のセレクトでも知られるフランスの パリのDJ SUNDAEのレーベル〈IDLE PRESS〉から。90sテクノ、スロー・ゴア。推薦盤です。 (サイトウ)

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Few months after an unexpected CD of 90’s techno / slow-goa tracks edited and compiled by Alexis Le-Tan, french label Idle Press is back with a 4 tracker from V2A, solo project of Gordon Pohl, known for his involvement into Karamika (Offen) and Musiccargo.

Idle Press is a label run by Parisian curious DJ Sundae, NTS resident and curator of the “Sky Girl” compilation on Efficient Space.

Gordon Pohl is a former DJ in Germany’s 90’s techno scene. He now spends his time in his studio in Düsseldorf putting together some compositions for his neo-Kraut’ band Musiccargo, Karamika (with Black Merlin) and his Kunstkopf label.

He recently did two amazing remixes for Malka Tuti & Offen Music. V2A is the first solo project in a long time.

盤質:: Mint (M) :: SLEEVE: Very Good Plus (VG+)



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