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WILL SAUL Your Time Is Up

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AUS MUSICカタログ番号150番。主宰のWILL SAULによるMIKE BANKS + JEFF MILLSによって結成されたUNDERGROUND RESISTANCEの1STリリースUR001番、初期名曲カバー。オリジナル2 VERSIONS、MOVE D(sample1)のDJとしての感覚の素晴らしさが発揮されたリミックス、そしてSPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLERのリミックスを収録。

デトロイトUR 1990年のマスターピース、シンガーYOLANDAをフィーチャリングした「Your Time Is Up」をWILL SAULがカバー!シンガーGilli.jpgを迎えたWILL SAULによる 2 VERSIONSと、MOVE D、SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLERのリミックスを収録。MOVE Dのリミックス素晴らしすぎます!MDCは、ストーンドなディープジャーニーです。SKINTを通してデジタル配信されたものを改めて自身のAUS MUSICからアナログリリース。アートワークはFOUR TET等を排出した伝説のOUTPUTレーベルのボスTrevor Jackson。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Your Time Is Upsample
A2.Your Time Is Up (Money In The B Remix)sample
B1.Your Time Is Up (Move D Remix)sample
B2.Your Time Is Up (Space Dimension Controller TX707 Remix)sample

Will Saul, DJ/Producer and Aus Music label head primes the 150th release for the longstanding British label with a stellar cover of the 1990 seminal techno record of the same name by Yolanda on seminal label Underground Resistance.

With the original record being one of Saul’s all time favorites and UR being a constant source of inspiration it was beyond a dream to get his version fully approved by Mike Banks to celebrate the landmark anniversary. Saul then worked with Berlin based vocalist Gilli.jpg - who has recently worked with Cinthie - to re-vocal Yolanda’s song.

As a former intern at Skint in the late 90s heyday, this up-streamed anthem feels extra special finally landing digitally on the label where Saul began learning his trade over twenty years ago. The vinyl will be released on Aus. There is also a version expected later this year which see’s Saul collaborate with Paul Woolford and additional remixes by Move D and Space Dimension Controller that will land shortly. The release features artwork by Trevor Jackson, the man behind the Output label, who's releases launched careers for huge artists like Four Tet and LCD Soundsystem to name just a few. His iconic, pop art influenced work has been seen on releases including the undisputable 80’s dance classic, Raze ’Break 4 Love’ and S’Express ‘Theme from S’Express’.



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