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QUIROGA Chords And Desire

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イタリアのジャズ/フュージョン/レアグルーヴ感覚もある現行イタリアのユニーク・シンセサイザー・ミュージック・シーンEARLY SOUNDSと繋がる〈REALLY SWING〉を主宰しているQUIROGAの12インチ。

QUIROGAことWALTER DEL VECCHIO、自身のレーベル〈REALLY SWING〉から5トラックスの新作EP。スローフュージョンディスコ「DABBLER IN LOVE」を筆頭に、マジカルなシンセサイザーダンス。ラストはかつてLUKE VIBERTがPLUG名義でリリースした「DRUM 'N' BASS FOR PAPA」のカバー、オマージュ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Dabbler In Lovesample
A3.Villa Lysissample
B2.Drum 'n' Bass For Papasample

Quiroga is back on Really Swing providing an extensive set of tracks in his typical style, a breezy and ear pleasing affair with his longtime friend and collaborator Dario Bass.

“Dabbler in Love” is a sunrise-ready boogie affair with stunning chords and bass progression summed by a twinkling Rhodes solo; “Kundabuffer” drives into more jazzy territory delivering throbbing basslines over a 4/4 latin beat while “Villa Lysis” is a laidback piano soundscape over a lately bassline on a Capri sunset.

On the flipside “Snaporaz” named after the Marcello Mastroianni’s character draws a housey jazz atmosphere with an astonishing bassline reminding of Kaytranada’s groove. “Drum’n’Bass for Papa” closes out the release - an homage to Plug/Luke vibert where chord progressions fuse onto a Squarepusher-Pastorious esque bass lead. Rock on!



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