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ハウスから即興電子音楽まで、アンダーグラウンド・ミュージック、様々なアーチストが信頼を寄せるケルンのグッド・ミュージカル・スポット「Acephale」に関連するリリース。コンピューターヴォイス+ディスコ・サファリ、シンセサイザーかなり謎なサウンド「Frank West - Deep In The Jungle (Eatin_alive Vip Mix)」で幕開けるDOCUMENTS 01。6組のアーチスト、6曲のオム二バス。

HARTCHEF DISCOS等に足跡を残す電子音楽ベテラン、FRANK WEST.変調コンピュータヴォイスで幕開け、ヘヴィーウェイトなリズムを刻みねじれ、トライバルな幻想郷のような世界にたどり着く「DEEP IN THE JUNGLE (EATIN_ALIVE VIP MIX)」。アフロ・コズミック、NEW WAVE DUBなFUTURE TRANSFER「TEMPLE ROCK」。PAPERCUP RECORDSのKESHAVARA、L.I.E.SやBREWでリリースするR.B.でお馴染みRobert Bergman、〈PLANET RESCUE〉からTULIPS、MONTEL PALMERといったドイツのダブ・エレクトニックの奇才も参加していますよ! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Frank West - Deep In The Jungle (Eatin_alive Vip Mix)sample
A2.Future Transfer - Temple Rocksample
A3.Keshavara - Zambesi (Mystical Twirl)sample
B1.Tulips - Ich Hab Dich Liebsample
B2.Robert Bergman - 4 Pints Of The Cheapest Whateversample
B3.Montel Palmer - What's Wrong With You_?!sample

Big tip on this - v limited edition.

Documents” is a project that has coalesced around the music venue Acephale in Cologne, oriented towards putting out various works in various formats and forms and related in various ways to music. The first of these is a release of a 12" compilation that features music by Frank West, Future Transfer, Keshavara, Tulips, Robert Bergman, and Montel Palmer. The various musicians involved are all in one way or another connected to Acephale - as residents, guests and friends.

The different strains of music - house, improvised electronics, motoric synth jams, ambient and more, serve as a snapshot of the sorts of sounds that one might hear at the venue.

To accompany the release of the record a number of live events are taking place over the course of several months on Sundays at Acephale.

The record comes in a silk-screen printed disco bag and is limited to 300 copies



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