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ZAKMINA Church Of Madness (incl. Gnork Remix)

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ROAM RecordingsやNein Recordsからデジタルリリース、SHMLSS主宰のXXXからアナログデビューしたリトアニアのZAKMINA。シンセサイザーの艶かしい質感も素晴らしいコズミック・エレクトロGNORKの最高なリミックス収録。オリジナルもシンセサイザー・ディスコ、スペイシー・エレクトニック・ファンク。グッド・トラック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Church Of Madnesssample
A2.Déjà vusample
B1.Church Of Madness (Gnork’s Ezoteric Breakdance Remix)sample
B2.Running Amoresample

Cosmic dance and spatial atmospherics are at the very centre of Zakmina’s productions, as the Lithuanian producer readies an appetizing EP for Dave Harvey’s Futureboogie, backed with a remix from the always on-point Gnork.

With releases already wetting our ears on Critical Monday, XXX and Roam Recordings, Zakmina spreads his wings across three new cuts. ‘Church Of Madness’ pumps with oodles of new beat drums and soaring synths, anchored by a fat arpeggiated bassline, whilst ‘Déjà vu’ is a first class chugger, its drums as big as 80’s shoulder pads, with glacial keys and breezy vocals comprising the seductive sensations on offer here.

The Balearic synth-pop vibes of ‘Running Amore’ complete the trio of originals from Zakmina, whilst Gnork lays down the lino and tweaks ‘Church Of Madness’ into a solid 808 drum driven ‘Ezoteric Breakdance’ Remix. The Hungarian producer, responsible for some killer releases on Lone’s Magicwire label, Unknown To The Unknown, as well as his own Earth Plates imprint, delivers a futuristic b-boy re-working that’s heady and exhilarating right off the bat.



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