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JARED WILSON Seeing is Forgetting

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2005年から続くオランダ、ユトレヒトのIDM、アシッド狂たちによるパーティー〈030303〉のレーベルからデトロイト、JARED WILSONの12インチ。

〈7777〉主宰、デトロイトのテクノの歴史をリスペクトしながら、「Ghettoblaster」や「Drug Related Stories」 で、新風を巻き起こし、アンダーグラウンドなハードウェアサウンドのシーンで信頼されてきたJARED WILSON。柔らかめのアシッド・グルーヴはハウスラインの人にもアピールしそう。リズムが溶解していくような不思議な感触があります。フィールドレコーデイングを交えた「Seeing Is Forgetting」も良い。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Sea Friends (Lowtide Mix) (6:12)sample
A2.Seeing Is Forgetting (8:03)sample
B1.Submerge The Ship (9:45)sample
B2.Yogacamp (6:51)sample

An outsider in the Detroit scene, Jared Wilson’s meandering acid jams have always sounded more Cornish than American. His brand new EP for the Netherlands’ 030303 Records continues on that spacey tip.

Sea Friends starts warm, bassy and laidback with upbeat and frenetic melodies taking over later on, lifting the tune to another level. Seeing is Forgetting is a melancholic, beatless acid trip, drenched in a strange field recordings setting with waves, vocal snippets and bird sounds all present.

Potentially referring to Detroit’s legendary record label and distribution company is Submerge the Ship, the most layered and mesmerizing jam on this twelve, a track that truly sends you off to the depths of the deep sea. Closing track Yogacamp is the fastest one on the record and with various eerie melodies battling for dominance, a great once for the darker dance floors.



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