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KARABA Pheremon Crumble Wax

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70年代にAmon Düül, Guru GuruやEmbryo等を排出したミュンヘンから、2014年に結成された5人編成のバンドKARABAの新作LP入荷しました。PASSPORTあたりのドイツのジャズロックやクラントロック、カンタベリーロック、ジャズ。ラーガに影響を受けたようなギター、ローズピアノ、シンセが、自在なグルーヴにのって展開される「Der Inder」筆頭に極上のスペースロック、ジャズ。ポリフォニー。絶対買っといた方がいいです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Der Inder (5:13)sample
A2.Der Kaelte (5:46)sample
A3.Levent (4:40)sample
B1.Spacefunk (4:24)sample
B2.Gentrification (5:50)sample
B3.Fiji Fiji (9:59)sample

Karaba is the new signing on Kryptox. The Berlin label founded to show what’s happening in the German Jazz crossover scene. One of these bands is Karaba from Munich. The band was already featured on the Kryptox Kraut Jazz Futurism Compilation in 2019. Now they deliver their first mini album for Kryptox. Five young guys from Munich. Skilled and tight on their instruments and deeply rooted in the heritage of all kind of wild forms of jazz, krautrock and psychedelic music. The kids began to jam together when starting to study music in 2012. Being from Munich, a town where legendary Krautrock bands like Amon Düül, Guru Guru and Embryo came from, the Karaba guys are obviously influenced by these german kraut and psychedelic sounds. You can hear that in many shades of this album: the complexity of the unusual rhythmical fundaments and percussive patterns. The Prog-Rock parts, with these partly abstract unisono lines and strange melodic figures or unexpected chord changes. Karaba’s album starts with an slightly arabic feel. The repetitive groove of „Der Inder“ gets the listener immediately into a different south-eastern space. Later the music gets more animated, more structured and more uplifting. A whole universe of little influences. Shades of certain Jazz and prog-rock bands: you might think about the canterbury scene of the 1960ies and 70ies. There are textures reminding of Soft Machine, Frank Zappa, Mats and Morgan, Kraan and maybe some Passport influences. (Another band from Munich that left a huge footmark in the worldwide jazz fusion history). The whole Karaba sound has a certain 1970es feel. But not in a pure retro way. The EP sounds more like a modern psychedelic 2020 Lofi Indie Jazz thing - a sound that fits well in these wild times and finds it’s place in the actual scenario of new jazz band



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