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VARIOUS Lucky Are Those Who Hear The Birds Sing

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BASSO主宰のGrowing Binから、新旧問わず、彼の視点から、秘められた森林のフュージョン、ゆるやかなエレクトロニック組曲、驚くべきブリスフルなバレアリックをコレクトしたコンピレーション!

現行音源としてはSTUPID HUMAN改HUGH MANE、80Sカルト・ジャーマンシンセポップDIE FISCHE、LEFT EARもコンパイルウィリリースした80SシンセポップI.A.O.、TVや映画音楽、舞台音楽なども手掛けたコンポーザーMATTHIAS RAUE、81年の「Atemnot」が再発されたHARDY KUKUKのレア曲などかなりマニアックな音源をコンパイル。ディガー、最前線で取り沙汰されてきた、あまり知られるこのなかった素晴らしい曲たちの発掘。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.ONE TONGUE - Coffee (5:09)sample
A2.INANDOUT - Helium IIIs (4:28)sample
A3.MATTHIAS RAUE - Brücke Am Schwarzen Fluss 2 (2:11)sample
A4.HARDY KUKUK - Freundschaft (5:18)sample
B1.FRANK SUCHLAND - Schnee (4:32)sample
B2.DIE FISCHE - Conversation Of Everyday Lovers (4:06)sample
B3.HUGH MANE - Out In The Ether (9:59)sample

Digging deep through old and new, Basso captures arcane woodland fusion, serene electronic suites and wide eyed Balearic bliss on this first Growing Bin compilation.

This collection celebrates those precious records which land in your life on their own terms. Even the most advanced digger will admit that chance is the secret ingredient in any successful haul. Sure, it helps if you know where to look, but if you arrive a day early at that secluded second hand shop, or an hour late at the convention, you might miss out on a rare sight of sound. But there are still ways to skew the odds in your favour. Even in the most crowded urban environment, a solitary tree soon becomes a nest, and Basso’s fostered an abundant garden in his Hamburg hometown. A decade on and the Growing Bin is a safe haven for those exquisite sounds crowded out of the mainstream, the rare birds with the most striking song.

‘Coffee’ comes right after cocoa in the bin’s headquarter, though start your morning with One Tongue and be prepared for a different kind of day. A witch’s brew spiced with a hint of Durian and the early bird, this 1990 composition could be the blueprint for the Teutonic trance dancers beloved by the Salon set. A more meditative magic flows through the A2, a smooth blend of fusion guitar, softly syncopated drums and counterpoint keys from one time art-rockers Inandout. This Growing Bin favourite from their ‘93-95′ LP sounds right at home beside the majestic melodies and spheric bass of Matthias Raue’s ‘Brücke am schwarzen Fluss 2′. Taken from the soundtrack to a TV drama filmed in Mali, this digital homage to African rhythm shimmies in step with New Age dancers from Mkwaju Ensemble and Louis Crelier. The A-side ends with the unbridled optimism of Kosmische maverick Hardy Kukuk. The synthesist hit the studio with friends Karsten Raecke and Andreas Schneider in 86, coalescing crystalline ele



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