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ELEMENTS OF LIFE Eclipse (Part One)

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  • VEGA (US)
  • VR206
  • 2 x 12inch
  • ---- yen (税込)
4部構成で展開されるという、LOUIE VEGA率いるELEMENTS OF LIFEの最新ニューアルバム「ECLIPSE」の第1弾リリース、入荷しました!

ロイ・エアーズの'78年アルバム「Let's Do It」収録のメローソウル”You Came Into My Life”を、ルイ・ヴェガ奥方・ANANEが歌いアップテンポ・アレンジでカヴァーした冒頭”You Came Into My Life (Louie Vega Uptempo Mix)”(sample1)、レオン・ウェアがマイケル・ジャクソンに提供した楽曲で、マーヴィンゲイも名作アルバム「I Want You」でもカバーしていた”I Wanna Be Where You Are”(sample2)を、デライトフルにボッサ・アレンジしたチョイスも流石!ブレイズのジョシュ・ミランがリードする、ELEMENTS OF LIFEのライヴショーでは定番で演奏されている、NYのストリード〜ラテンサウンドに帰るポジティヴなヴァイブスの”Children Of The World (Louie Vega EOL Soulfritto Mix)”(sample3)など、全8トラックの2枚組アルバム。 (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.You Came Into My Life (Louie Vega Uptempo Mix) (7:16)sample
A2.Most Beautiful (5:21)sample
B1.I Believe In Miracles (5:26)sample
B2.I'm A Woman, I'm A Queen (6:07)sample
C1.Children Of The World (Louie Vega EOL Soulfritto Mix) (8:04)sample
C2.Live Your Life For Today (5:37)sample
D1.I Wanna Be Where You Are (9:03)sample
D2.Love Is You (2:36)sample

Eclipse, the third installment by Elements Of Life will be released on a four part vinyl series. Part one welcomes the all star cast and Elements Of Life Alumni Anané, Josh Milan, Lisa Fischer, and Cindy Mizelle.

The first track A1 is a remake of the Roy Ayers penned classic “You Came Into My Life” with amazing Lead Vocals by Anané. Originally a funky ballad by Roy Ayers, it takes you to a new groove on a more uptempo nu-disco vibe with the EOL band rhythm section. “Most Beautiful” with lead vocals by Grammy Award Winner Lisa Fischer and Anané combining forces with lyrics by Josh Milan. This is a song that really fits the times today with a powerful message.

“I’m A Woman, I’m A Queen” an anthem dedicated to all the powerful woman worldwide interpreted perfectly by Cindy Mizelle and Lisa Fischer. “Children Of The World” by Josh Milan which is always performed live by Elements Of Life at their shows, this special version with a latin jazz feel, on vinyl will take you back to the New York City street sounds of the 70s. “Live Your Life For Today” another Josh Milan penned track singing lyrics that we need to hear today in 2021, this is house music at its best. Taking the tempo down some and getting funky with the Jackson Five classic remake “I Wanna Be Where You Are” on a bossa nova tip, singing lead is Cindy Mizelle on this nine minute trip.

“Love Is You” an extended interlude takes you to Brazil for a moment with Anané & Lisa Fischer on background vocals. And last but not least “I Believe In Miracles” with lead vocals by Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle written by Axel Tosca, Louie Vega & Josh Milan, this tune brings a positive message to the world, believing in miracles, universal love, and new life, we hope you can all relate. Part one of the four part series Eclipse by Elements Of Life, start with this one and let us take you on the journey into the cosmic world of EOL!!!!



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