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REKIDSからNYCリビング・レジェンドJOAQUIN 'JOE' CLAUSSELLが2008年のSacred Rhythm Music「Corresponding Echoes 」以来となるアルバム・リリース!Raw Tones 2LP。

SPIRITUAL LIFE MUSIC、SACRED RHYTHM MUSIC、DANNY KRIVIT、 FRANCOIS K とのBODY & SOULでNYC DEEP HOUSEの歴史を築いてきたJOAQUIN JOE CLAUSSELL。INSTANT HOUSEなどの初期作品にも通ずる、ハードウェアサウンドをベーシにRAWな機材の音でも、音は想像力を与え、現実から開放し、共有する喜びを与えることができる、ダンスミュージックの力、ハウスの原点回帰。「Raw Tones」。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Lock Downsample
A2.The Blame Game (Table Top Idea)sample
B1.Break Freesample
B2.You Mutha Fukasample
B3.Way Back Thensample
C1.Air We Breathe (Revisited Cassette Demo)sample
C2.Break Free (Instrumental)sample
D1.If It's All In Your Mind Let It Outsample
D2.Hallucinations Ejaculationssample

Joaquin Joe Claussell readies the ‘Raw Tones’ LP on Rekids this June.

The first LP since 2008’s ‘Corresponding Echoes’ on his Sacred Rhythm Music, Joaquin Joe Claussell arrives on Radio Slave’s Rekids for ‘Raw Tones’, a nine-track excursion through the sound of his exquisitely soulful house music.

Originally released on uber limited cassettes, the music within ‘Raw Tones’ caught the ear of Radio Slave, aka Matt Edwards, who messaged Claussell, a friend since remixing Edwards’ Machine project in 2012, and convinced the legendary producer that the music needed a wider audience and, so, ‘Raw Tones’ the LP is here.

Introspective opening cut ‘Lock Down’ draws for breathy strings and swirling pads, followed by the hypnotic and low-slung ‘The Blame Game (Table Top Idea)’, which sees jazzy keys float around carefully crafted dubbed-out ambience and subtle, whispered vocals.

‘Break Free’ ups the energy, bringing a wonky bassline under decisive, machine-like drum hits while both spoken and sung vocals interplay throughout. ‘You Mutha Fuka’ brings rock-solid drums and thick bass underneath delayed vocals before the dreamy chords and twinkling keys of ‘Way Back Then’ close out the B-side.

The gorgeous ‘Air We Breathe (Revisited Cassette Demo)’ marries rolling percussion across live bass and softly drawn-out pads, followed by an instrumental version of ‘Break Free’. The final side of vinyl sees the extended trippiness of ‘If It's All In Your Mind Let It Out’ lead into the floaty low tempo closer ‘Hallucinations Ejaculations’.

Joaquin Joe Claussell, co-founder of Body & Soul with Francois Kervorkian and Danny Krivit, continues to run his Sacred Rhythm Music record label and curate the Cosmic Arts community centre in his hometown of Brooklyn, NYC.



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