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JIMPSTER Anthology Volume 1

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JAMIE O'DELLの幼馴染みで、<DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR>のオーナーでもあるTOM RPBERTSと'96年に設立し、今日までに25周年を迎えた老舗<FREERANGE>からリリースされた、JIMPSTERによる膨大なトラック・アーカイヴから選りすぐられた秀逸な8トラック!テンションを沈ませるようにジックリとグランディングしていくビートレスなイントロ、マジカルなシンセとサイケに揺らぐグルーヴが素晴らしい'09年シングル”Sleeper”(sample1)、リラキシンかつチャギーな心地よいグルーヴ感、クリアーなシンセ・ギターが唸り上げる'08年の”DanglyPanther”(sample2)、意外にもCDのみのリリースであったという、初期のフューチャージャズ〜ダウンテンポ期からハウスにシフトしていった'06年アルバム「AMOUR」からのディスコティック・グルーヴ”Don't Push It”(sample3)などお薦め。 (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Dangly Panthersample
A2.Seventh Wavesample
B2.Can't Stop Lovingsample
C1.I Got A Hold On Your Soulsample
D2.Don't Push Itsample

The world of dance music 25 years ago was a very different place from the one we now inhabit. Rave had transitioned through Hardcore into Drum & Bass whilst UK Garage was brewing nicely and the UK pop = charts were full of underground dance records. Meanwhile, the likes of Mo Wax, Ninjatune and Compost were pushing away from the dancefloors, introducing blunted beats, jazz-fusion sonics and a whole new movement to electronic music. It was into this atmosphere that Freerange was born, a UK label that reaches its quarter-century this year. At the helm over the last 25 years has been the partnership of childhood friends Tom Roberts and Jamie ‘Jimpster’ Odell.

It’s been a long and eventful journey, from an era of 56k modems, faxed reaction reports and when DJs still bought actual records, Freerange has weathered many storms and sailed through some of the most revolutionary changes to hit the music industry. Through those 25 years, and like the proverbial comforting sound of Bob Ross’ voice, Jimpster’s own music and those artists he releases through the label remain a constantly reliable, not to mention dance floor-smashing presence through the ups and downs of the house music continuum.

This Anthology brings together some of Jimpster’s finest productions across two double pack vinyl LPs from the preceding two and a half decades, showcasing his detailed approach to production and proving why he continues to thrive in the current scene, continuing to be held in high regard by many of the founding fathers of house music and young up and coming producers alike



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