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VARIOUS Swave Villi Us - Independent Soul 1971-84

▼ Tracklisting

A1.STRIDE  - Come Inside
A3.AKA SHAIC - Swave Villi Us
A4.RAY JONES - Norfolk Sound
B1.THEATRE WEST - Children Of Tomorrow's Dreams
B2.IVAN R. STURDIVANT - The World That Died
B3.SMALL SOCIETY - Just Loving You
B4.BILAL SABIR - Changes
C1.NATURE'S CHOICE - Never Get A Chance
C2.ANTWANS -  You Got That Right
C3.JOE WALKER - We Need Each Other
C4.SPICE  - For Old Time's Sake
D2.EXPRESSWAY - Blue Evening
D3.SMILES  - Just A Star
D4.WATCH TOWER - Forever, Together

Backatcha Records presents Swave Villi Us, a collection of sixteen sought after independent soul cuts, recorded between 1971-1984 from across the US and beyond.

The album comes as a 2xLP, complete with extensive sleeve notes, featuring top-shelf rarities end-to-end. Whilst soul 45 aficionados will be familiar with the titles, obtaining them has always been a problem until now.

From 70s Californian psych-folk, to downtempo ballads from the Southern states, to mid-tempo gems and sweet soul from the Midwest, to 80s Sunshine State talent show entries and Bahamian dreamy percussion-led guitar jams, the selection showcases essential top-shelf regional sounds spanning the broader soul spectrum across nearly two decades. Also featured are two previously unreleased versions of Nature’s Choice ‘Never Get A Chance’ and Watch Tower’s ‘Forever, Together’ led by Ohio talent Maurice Moore, from original session tapes and exclusive to this compilation.


Rush Hour Store Record of the week W11:

Special attention for one of the coolest compilations we’ve heard this year so far: ‘Swave Villi Us’, a stellar compilation that contains sixteen sought after independent soul cuts that were recorded between 1971 and 1984.

Named after the b-side of a crazy rare and equally beautiful New Mexico spiritual soul seven that was only handed out to family and friends when it originally came out in 1978, ‘Swave Villi Us’ is a veritable treasure chest of gold nuggets that failed to reach a larger audience the first time around but are worthy to be heard by all.

There are no household names here (let’s face it: you just don’t trip over records by the Nassauvians, AKA Shaic, Ivan R. Sturdivant and the Antwants on a day-to-day basis), but obscurity is certainly not a goal in itself here - the aim is pure unadulterated awesomeness. And there’s more than enough of that to go around here.

Just check out the wonderfully slick slice of Bahama funk that is ‘Slacking Off’ by the Nassauvians, Theatre West’s bittersweet tingling ‘Children of Tomorrow’s Dreams’ (both rereleased as a 7” and 12” respectively prior to this album) or the Terry Callier-inspired vibes of No I.D.’s ‘Changes’ for further proof - this is a clear case of all killers, no fillers. (RO)



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