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SHAHID WHEELER Just One Dance Before You Go

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UKのノーザン・ソウルチャートでもヒットしたディスコ、HOSANNA「Hipit」やH BLACK から再発されたFREEZING FIRE BAND「Dance With Me Baby」等、近年ディガーの間で取り沙汰されてきたアメリカ、ニュージャジーのプロデューサーJim HartnettプロデュースによるシンガーSHAHID WHEELERの唯一のシングル。〈MELODIES INTERNATIONAL〉アナログ再発。ブラス&コーラス、ドラム&ベースもパーフェクトなバックサウンドに、フレッシュなヴォーカル。B-SIDEはインストバージョン。 (サイトウ)

With MEL015 – We are honored to bring forward our latest disco 12” reissue single and another You’re a Melody peak time classic: Shahid Wheeler – Just One Dance Before You Go.

The song was written and recorded by producer James Hartnett – having studied music theory and composition back in high school and recognised back then for producing a charted northern soul spin in the UK titled “Hipit” back in 1976 with his studio band “Hosanna”, it’s in 1978 that Hartnett produced and self released the scarcer and more compelling “Just One Dance Before You Go” which he refers to as his masterpiece.

With a fairly stripped back line up for a disco tune including a rhythm section, hammond organ, horns and vocals, Hartnett manages to do so much through seemingly simple but clever arrangements and thumping, contagious energy. Hartnett had also invited friend and singer Leroy Shahid Wheeler to perform lead vocals, who’s signature high pitched falsetto lifts the whole operation above ground – a true feel good party anthem!

Fully licensed and remastered, MEL015 is back to grace dancefloors worldwide in its original 12” vinyl format, with the instrumental on the flip and digitally.



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