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JAMIRE WILLIAMS But Only After You Have Suffered (Classic Black Vinyl)

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現在モダン・ジャズ・シーンで圧倒的な存在感を放つ気鋭ドラマーJAMIRE WILLIAMSの5年ぶりのニューアルバム(2nd)が、意欲的名リリースの続く名門INTERNATIONAL ANTHEMよりリリースされた!!!Sam Gendel参加(B2「Pause In His Presence」(sample3)スピリチュアル・モノクローム崇高の極み。160g重量盤・黒盤LP。

Solange、Moses Sumney、Blood Orange等々の作品にも参加、Pat Metheny、Robert Glasper Trioまで、数々のライヴでも圧巻のプレイを見せてきた現在のジャズ・シーンでも圧倒的な存在感を誇るJAMIRE WILLIAMSが、自らの音楽への深い愛情を探求するかのような、スピリチュアルでモノクロームながら静謐でソウルフル・エモーショナルな内省宇宙をポエティックに深く反芻するアーティステックな作品を作り上げた。ドラマーの枠を超えた、作曲家/プロデューサーとしての音楽性を追求した、ジャズであり、ヒップホップであり、R&Bソウルであり、内省的アヴァンギャルド先鋭的なチャレンジ意欲作。有機的に連なって広がっている。160g重量盤・黒盤LP全12トラック、4Pブックレット、インナースリーヴ封入、帯付き厚紙ジャケット。 (コンピューマ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.Hands Up (01:48)
2.Bow (feat. Corey King) (02:42)sample
3.Ugly (feat. Mic Holden) (03:24)sample
4.Just Hold On (02:43)
5.Take Time Look Up (Jawwaad Speaks) (00:44)sample
6.Safe Travels (feat. Fat Tony & Zeroh) (03:16)sample
7.C'est Un Mot (00:53)
8.For The Youth (feat. Corey King) (04:33)sample
9.Pause In His Presence (feat. Lisa E. Harris & Sam Gendel) (03:39)sample
10.No One Knows (02:19)
11.When It Gets Dark (feat. Kenneth Whalum) (03:35)sample
12.And Then The Anointing Fell (02:51)sample

Produced by Jamire Williams.
Recorded & Mixed by Jake Viator at Stones Throw Studios in Los Angeles, CA.
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, Los Angeles, CA.

Art by Nik Ewing.
Liner Notes by Charisse Weston.
Insert Portrait by Ray Neutron.
Layout & Insert Design by Craig Hansen.

Jamire Williams – drums, vocals, drum programming, samplers, mellotron, synthesizer, sequencer, electric piano
Brandon Owens – bass guitar
Burniss Travis – bass
Carlos Niño – percussion
Chassol – keyboards, synthesizer, programming
Corey King – vocals
Daniel Aged – bass guitar
Fat Tony – vocals
Flash Gordon Parks – turntable
Jason Arce – bass clarinet
Jason Moran – piano
Jawwaad Taylor – vocals
Joelle Corey – vocals
Josh Johnson – mellotron, synthesizer, programming
Kenneth Whalum – vocals
Lisa E. Harris – vocals
Matthew Stevens – lead guitar
Mic Holden – vocals
Mike Haldeman – guitar synthesizer
Paul Cornish – midi strings
Peter Lee Johnson – strings & string arrangement
Sam Gendel – guitar synthesizer, alto saxophone
Svet – vocals
Zeroh – vocals

"Safe Travels" contains a sample of the recording “I Need Your Love” performed by Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals, courtesy of The Numero Group. Written by Skip Mahoaney & James Purdie. Published by Dust Index (BMI). Used with permission. All rights reserved.



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