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〈STONES THROW〉からBENNY SINGSがビートにスポットとしたトラックで構成した「Beat Tape」第2弾!やはり天才。

▼ Tracklisting

1.Slash (0:45)sample
2.Look What We Do (2:49)sample
3.Beat 100 (2:31)sample
4.Beat 8 (1:33)sample
5.Beat 5 (1:46)sample
6.CGEOOL (2:28)sample
7.Don't Look (1:19)sample
8.Money & Guns (0:23)sample
9.Beat 2 (2:14)sample
10.Song 13 (1:14)sample
11.Watch Me Heal (2:21)sample
12.Green Grass (1:11)sample
13.All That You Wanted (2:35)sample
14.Falling (2:30)sample
15.Mag Ik In Je Huid (3:05)sample
16.Beat 3 (2:23)sample

オランダ出身のシンガーソングライター: ベニー・シングスから、ビートテープアルバムの第二弾"BEAT TAPE II"がカセットテープでリリース。ベニーの音楽のルーツでもあるヒップホップ、ビートメイキングに焦点を当てたコンセプトアルバム。フィーチャリングには世界中から親交が深いアーティストやコラボレーターが多数参加。ソングライティングを始める前の90年代半ばにデ・ラ・ソウルを聞いてビートメイキングを始め、現在でも曲作りはまずビートから作り始めると語るベニー。

Benny Sings is back with Beat Tape II, a return to his hip-hop roots featuring friends and collaborators from around the world.

Benny says: “First and foremost, I’m a beatmaker. I started making music in the mid-nineties while listening to De La Soul; the songwriting came after that.

“The idea came to me to ask some rappers to join on the beats, to pay homage to where it all started: hip-hop. It was all very effortless, because there wasn’t a higher goal of wanting to write the perfect song. I was just having fun doing what comes naturally. I feel so grateful to have all these new and established talents on here that make Beat Tape II what it is,” Benny says.

Guests on Beat Tape II include Marc Rebillet, Mocky, and Cola Boyy on “Beat 100”, British R&B singer JONES on “Look What We Do” and Stones Throw MC The Koreatown Oddity on “Song 13”, while Canadian rapper and singer Rae Khalil appears on “Beat 5” and “CGEOOL”. PawPaw Rod, MadeInTYO, St. Panther, Oddisee and Faberyayo also feature, and Kenny Beats produced “Don’t Look” with Cory Henry.



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